Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Sorry for not posting more ... I've been POSSESSED with catching up on books and, to be honest, procrastinating doing all the housework that NEEDS to be done.

I NEED to finish doing the dishes. I NEED to finish folding the laundry. I NEED to clean the kitchen. I NEED to clean off my desk and the small counter. 

Also, I need to get ready for the kidlets' birthday this weekend.
I NEED to do the aforementioned housekeeping. I NEED to finish buying supplies to make a robot cake for Bruise and Princess cupcakes for Bunny (Hey, just red decorative sugar and some gel food coloring and then we're golden!). I NEED to wrap presents. I NEED to get the big storage containers filled (and organized while filling them) and out in the shop.

I NEED to take a shower today so that I can run into the library to return books (or I NEED to call bil J or sil T2 to do it for me) and then pick up food colorings and the sugar at the local party store (or, if I run into town, I can get the gel cheaper at the grocery store there).

I NEED to get off my duff and get things done. 

But, hey, I've read my blogs and websites (not comics, yet, though). I should run my shower, then run the dishwasher and a load of laundry while I run errands ... come home, unload/reload the dishwasher and washing machine ... make dinner for the husband that I won't see until around seven (since he'll be coaching the Young Women basketball "team" at church) ... clean off my desk and the counter ... and wrap presents once the kids are in bed. I mean, that should work, right??

If I actually show, like, ANY motivation as I go throughout the day. Hey, I'm just keeping it real.

Oh, and I REALLY (RILLY!) need to brush my teeth. They feel weird.

Oh, in other news, we had some excitement. Bunny accidentally knocked Michael's laptop off a little table, bending/snapping part of the charger it was on. He had to buy a new one. And he needs an oil change in the truck. Poor guy. BUT we did get him a new bag to carry the laptop in, since his old bag was ripping a lot.

And I scored some stuff at B&BW on a nice sale. I have to say that the Fresh Bamboo-scented room spray is excellent. I should get more of it next time there's a sale. Totally awesome stuff. 

The kiddos are just about 100% better from the snot/cough fest. We did buy a warm-mist humidifier to stick in their room as needed. And some of the Vick's menthol-whatever to put in the water. I'll say that from the first night, the kids have sounded much better.

I don't think I have any other news to report. Sorry! That's really about it.
Like any of this was all that pressing ...


nicole said...

i'm with ya sister!
i NEED to do laundry and straighten up the living room.
and i also NEED to organize my crafting supplies and get rid of the old un-usable stuff.
but again.. i'm with you.. i have no motivation to do any of that!

good luck gettin off your rear to do it.
i know i'll need some good luck gettin off mine to do it.
or maybe i just need a little more energy. lol

Allanna said...

I can report that, at this point, I've gotten one load of dishes in the dishwasher, one load of laundry in the washer (the rest of the laundry is sorted to get IN the washer) ... I'm showered, my teeth are brushed (which is sorta negated by the fact that I just ate some candy. #^.^#) ... and the kidlets are (sporadically) helping pick up the front room.

I'm still not motivated. I just KNOW that I HAVE to get it done.

And tomorrow will be my errand-running day. *sigh*
Procrastination, thy name is Allanna.

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