Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just a day ...

So, yesterday was  ... interesting. I ended up needing a dose of Valerian, which once I took it, helped quite a bit.

I went from feeling like bursting into tears for no reason to feeling like *gasp!* a NORMAL person!

Yesterday, I ran some errands with the munchkin brigade in tow. We went to the mall to get Bruise's tie to wear in my friend's wedding this summer ... the wedding IMMEDIATELY after Girls' Camp ... which I'm the Assistant Stake director of ... So, yes, to say it's a little stressful for me and my OCD tendencies ... well, ain't THAT the gospel truth.

We also went to the bank to deposit the money in the kids' piggy banks into their savings accounts.
I'm trying not to be jealous that they have more money than I do.
And I also hope that they continue to save at this rate. Because then, just maybe, they can afford a term at college ... depending on inflation, of course.

Then we went to the library. And I checked out a crapload of books. I want to read them all before I have to turn them back in. Because you can only renew them so many times.

Then we went home where the children watched shows and did NOT take naps ... and I got to the point where I was just EXHAUSTED of hearing them squabble. Because, honestly, I didn't give a rat's fart about WHO took WHAT from WHOM or WHAT they DID about it.

After Michael and I put the kids in bed (and I took that blessed Valerian), we watched Nim's Island. Which was cute.

And Michael and I determined our list of WORST MOVIES EVER:
The Golden Compass ranks in there. As does Eragon (it's a close contest. Both were MUCH better books which did NOT live up to their potential).
Michael wants to put The Worst Witch in this list ... But I argue that it's exempt -- It has Tim Curry and he's singing a Halloween song:

And that's why I refuse to let it be on this list. Even if Michael refuses to ever watch it again.

Today, I got off my duff and took that kidlets to storytime. Since we hadn't been in a couple weeks, we were a little out of practice ... meaning that Bruise mostly sat wtih me and refused to let me read ... and Bunny kept demanding gum (which, thankfully, she DID follow my directions about throwing it into the trash can when she was done. And NOT playing with the gum in her mouth.)
Tomorrow is the Preschool Storytime at the OTHER library ... so we'll be heading out that way.
And, since we aren't going to Toddler Storytime at the big library, our schedule is a little messed up. I thought that maybe we'd only be able to make it to TWO storytimes total ... but looking at the calendar, it looks like if we go to the other library in our city (The one that I keep meaning to go to, since -- Hello!!-- it's HISTORIC and is from Andrew Carnegie!!), we'll be able to make it to three morning storytimes per week ... which is nice ... since it gets me out of the house. And it gives the kidlets a structured activity outside of church. And maybe I can meet people ... or, at least, act just a little less agraphobic, right?

And, hey, if we wanted to go to an evening one every so often, we do have our options around the area. ^_^

SO, after getting home and having the kids lay down for a nap (which they didn't TAKE ... but it was an effort ... and it gave me some quiet time to finish a book. *phew*), we received a box full of birthday presents from my Nana to the kidlets. Bruise got remote controlled cars and pajamas and slippers. Bunny is the proud owner of faerie princess accessories (circlet, wings, ribbon tutu, and wand), along with her own pajamas and slippers.
The kids have worn their slippers all day. ^_^

So, in other news, I go from absolutely adoring my loin spawn to barely being able to tolerate them. But I mostly adore them, so it's all good, right?

I love how soft their skin is. And how I can get about a bazillion kisses from my son. How my daughter had me wear her circlet and told me that I was "Princess Mommy" and that I needed to follow [Bunny] Butterfly. How impressed she was that I found a book from the library that had her name spelled JUST like we do it ... and in the TITLE, as well!
I love how Bruise put on a box ... and wore it like a helmet. Reminds me rather a lot of Monty Python's Black Knight ("It's only a flesh wound!!").

I mostly love it when my children listen to me. When they don't fight and squabble and whine. When they don't try to RUN HEADLONG INTO THE PATH OF A CAR (Bruise, I'm talking to you. If I get grey hairs, don't act all innocent about it!). I love it when they allow me to read a book. I love it when they want me to read to them (it's their TIMING that I don't always love. :P).

Things are mostly good. Good enough that I'm content. 
I have dinner cooking. I read a book today. I took the kidlets to storytime. I don't have any pressing responsibilities that I'm COMPELTELY behind on (Sure, I should do the dishes and put away the laundry). I've had the kids eat their vitamins. I ate some chocolate. Life is, for the time being, pretty dang good.


Jennifer said...

If you go to the night storytime, you'll see Joseph and the kids there since he takes them while I am at Scouts...

I can't believe your babies are that old already! Time just flies by as an adult. Sabrina will be 6 next week!

Anonymous said...

Sorry hun, I side with Michael on this one... Not even Tim can save that movie. It's like Wicker Man, and Nicholas Cage... Sometimes, even Grade-A awesome actors can't save a train wreck. (That came out a lot harsher than I meant it to...)

I still love you though... and you're pretty. (pets your hair) Did I mention you're pretty? 'Cause you are.

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