Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The thing with feathers

[Completed from a draft Jan 21]

When DID I last post?

Oh well, Let's see what I remember I should talk about ...

Point 1 - We have a new president.
This is cool. I hope that Obama is able to do most of the things that he planned to do.

I do NOT agree with his stance on abortion (but I have strong opinions in regards to that topic. Feelings which can be summed up in my belief that
if you do not feel physically/emotionally ready/mature/able to take care of a pregnancy/child ... well, you'd have better not be having sex. I know that it's a high expectation. But if you are not mature enough to deal with the consequences of your actions ... you shouldn't be choosing to do that. To expect anything else is selfish.) (And I also believe that there are times when that choice is deserved -- when it was not in the woman's choosing to have sex. In cases of sexual abuse/rape/incest -- Well, you get what I'm saying.) (And I also think that in the cases of the mother's health, it could be permissable -- with a GOOD deal of prayer and meditation.) (... But to choose to end a developing life simply because it's inconvenient to you? I think that is selfish and ludicrous.)

(I also think it's absolute BOLLOCKS that minors can't take a Tylenol without parental consent, but that it's permissable to have abortions -- a SERIOUS SURGERICAL PROCEDURE without informing their parents. ... But that is a whole 'nother post.)

STILL, Barack Obama is president. I'm happy for him. I didn't vote for him ... and I'm SOOOO glad that Hilary Clinton is not president. (However, she is pretty close in line if anything should happen, heaven forbid, to our nation's leaders ... Well, I wouldn't be totally surprised. I hope that I'm VERY mistaken, though.) (And HA! Go to her website!! HA! She's asking for donations to "help in cleaning up the last campaign's debt"! HA! ... Fiscal responsibility, anyone?)

... Wow, I'm all over the place aren't I? Sorry.

And forgive me for a bit of schadenfreude on ol' Ms. Clinton's part.

Still, I'm SO glad that she wasn't elected president.
Because Michael refuses to move to Canada. :P

I feel bad, though, for President Bush, though. He had to deal with a lot. And he didn't always make the wisest decisions -- he didn't always listen to people with our nation's best interests at heart. STILL, he could have done lots worse. (No, really ... he could have.)

He didn't cheat on his wife in the Oval Office. And that's a big thing with me.
(And, as I was discussing with Bri today, ... About that cheating ... "But at least Kennedy had better taste in his affairs. Monroe > Lewinsky.")

Marilyn Monroe
more lol celebs

But, really ... I do think that it's far past time that our nation practices a LOT more colorblindness ... eventually someday we won't even make a big deal about someone of a different race/sex/religion running for office.

I really hope that Obama IS good for our nation. I love America. I want America to be good, to be respected, to be loved.
And, really, Latter-Day Saints have myriad reasons for loving America:
- It's where the Book of Mormon happens (well, on the American Continent -- which includes South America. Still counts.)
- The religious freedoms in the United States allowed for the Restoration to occur. Yay for not having our first prophet killed as a young man! Yay for allowing the Church to be organized!

I could go on ... but I'd want to do research first. Lots and lots of research, so that I have ALL my facts straight -- all the i's dotted and the t's crossed, minding all my p's and q's.

But, really ... I hope that Obama's change is all good change. I hope that America only gets stronger and more united. I hope that other countries stop hating us so much.
(I mean, sure, we're a wasteful country ... We're still in our nation's teenage-years, in comparison to the THOUSANDS of years that most European, Middle East, and Asian countries have under their belts, we're still not even three-hundred.)

[And that's where I ran out of coherence and steam]

I really don't remember where I was totally going with that.

This is one of those things that happens when I start blogging late at night when I can't sleep.

BUT here's a decent political site: The Truth-o-Meter, this site keeps track of which promises Barack Obama has kept, which he's compromised on, which ones he's broken, which ones are in the works, and which ones are stalled. Since it's still so early in his presidency, there are a lot that he has yet to take action on. I'm really rather interested in keeping tabs on this.

Now, I have to hustle the (screaming over sharing a toy ... Grr.) kids out to the car for storytime. YES, again. We go to different storytimes. And we already skipped one of them this week, okay?? Now, I need to go before my head explodes, okay? Hugs and all that!

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