Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Best Intentions ...

Oh, I also forgot to mention the OTHER "interesting" thing that happened yesterday.

So, as I got the kiddos dressed, I put Bruise in underwear ... I mean, he should be getting to the point where he can use the toilet. He's decent (at times) with peeing in the toilet ... and, when he is motivated, he can actually work and poop in the toilet.

SO, he comes to me, telling me he's gone poop. In the underpants.

... and there's little turds scattered randomly over the brown-ish carpet in our house.
Bunny's (in shoes) stepped on one (the one on the bathroom [bare, thank goodness] floor ... so I had to clean out the tread in her shoe.

And, for the next hour, the kids are acting like it's some strange Easter Egg hunt.

"MOOOOOM!! Look!! OH NO!!"

And then I'd go and grab it with a tissue. Muttering indecencies under my breath.

He wore plastic pants and diapers (for naptime and for grocery shopping) for the rest of the day.

Now most of his Transformers are getting broken.

Can I just toss him in a box?

I'm getting tired of being short-tempered and yelling.
I'm also tired of having a dirty house.

Tired enough that LOOKING at this dirty house seems to zap all my energy.


Waaaah ... listen to me WHIIIIIIIIIIIIINE. I'm surrounded by a lot of whining and tantrums ... I guess it's not ALL that surprising that I should start to do it, tooooooooo!!!! Waaaaah!!!!

Yeah, pity me, people. Ugh.

I'll be better in a little while. I know. I just need to fold laundry, get it put away, tidy up our bedroom, do a few loads of dishes ... clean off my desk ...

Once the house looks better (and the kids are taking a NAP), I know that I'll feel a little more human.

Now, do I actually get the kids ready and try and make it to storytime? Or do I start cleaning and see if I'm in the mood for it later?

Let's do the cleaning. I can read with the kids myself. And it'll be easier than trying to get in and out of the house. 

Because, um, did I mention that I'm lazy?


Oh, yeah ... and my daughter is nothing if not consistent:

Her elbow always seems to get borked on holidays:
New Year's Eve 2006
Veterans' Day 2007 (The ACTUAL day, not the observed date)
Thanksgiving 2007 (the first time I set it myself)
Chinese New Year's 2009 (also corrected by moi)

(And people wonder why I get nervous around holidays. *rolls eyes*)

Bruise KNOWS now not to pull on her arm.
At least they've all been accidents -- Two of them were really because SHE wasn't being so careful (She can't FLOP. It's just not good.). The first was getting her out of a lamp that she was going to get to fall on her ... and this last one was just playing and being less-than-careful.

I can't wait until her joints are completely grown-up and less flexible.

Poor girl. She just needs to be a little more careful. And not accident-prone like her mother.

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