Thursday, January 22, 2009

small miracles

I'm thankful for the small things ... small to me, anyways.

I have insomnia tonight (explains why I'm up and typing at, what, 1:30 in the morning.)

But I learned that Nie is better. She's alive. She's at home.
I'm not a real follower of hers ... but I read lots and lots of blogs by people who know and love her.
(Backstory: She and her husband were in a private plane crash. No one knew if she and her husband would pull through. They have small children. ... But, as I made mention, she is alive. She is at home. She and her husband are there for their children. ... and THAT is a miracle.)

I'm grateful that:
  • I'm alive.
  • My body works ... It might not do ALL the things that I wish it would (I'm not going to be a prima ballerina, a tennis champion, a gymnist...), but it works.
  • I am not in pain.
  • I am not morbidly obese (And that fat day I was having a while back? Bloating! Stupid bloat.)
  • I am healthy.
  • I have children who love me. Even though, often, I could be much worthier of their love.
  • I have a husband who loves me and puts up with me. And, yes, I'm aware that I don't deserve him. 
  • He loves me anyways. In spite of myself.
  • My family loves me.
  • I have friends that love me, that miss me, that think of me.
  • My cats tolerate me. And sometimes even snuggle with me. And let me check them for fleas. (Ginger had one on her the other day. Got me worried. Haven't seen any since!)
  • (I'm VERY thankful that there have not been anymore fleas.)
  • We have a house ... even though it's not the nicest. It's ours. And, for that, we are willing to do odd jobs and treat it for fleas and ants ... try to make it prettier.
  • We have vehicles that work. We should take care of them better ... but, hey.
  • Michael's employed.
  • My Heavenly Father loves me. Even though I really don't deserve it. But I'm glad that He's perfect -- so He loves me just the same.
  • Jesus loves us ... so, so, so much.
  • The atonement (see above). Because it's absolutely lovely to make choices (sometimes not so lovely to deal with all the consequenses ... especially when it's fallout from someone else's choice). And it's even better that we do have the opportunity to get a blank slate. Because, oh, I am FLAWED. But, if I repent (which I need to do a whole heckuva lot more), I ... can be completely worthy. And that's so nice to know.
  • The Internet -- what else would I do with my time? How would I know anything about the news? How else would I keep in contact with anyone? (I'd actually have to pick up the phone. How scary is THAT?)
  • The World. Because the world is just awesome -- like in the Doscovery Channel commercial.
Okay, it's now nearly two in the morning. I'm grabbing my DS so I can Sudoku myself to sleep.

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