Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Motivation ... Hit and Miss

The kids woke up INSANELY early. 
Seriously, Bunny was banging her toy pots and pans in their room at around six-frikkin'-A.M. 

Michael asked them to sleep a little longer.
Bless that man.

I made them breakfast. We went to storytime. We came home and read some more stories and did the calendar (Still working on the days of the week. To them, every tomorrow is "Friday!!" ... Oh, sometimes I really wish it were!), fed them lunch, sent them to take a nap -- with the understanding that if they didn't take a good nap, they weren't going to be able to watch a video.
(I also did mention that whoever took the better nap would get to choose the show. Unfortunately that was a bit of a moot point ...)

I now have deemed it that a good nap means that I don't have to yell at them more than twice before they fall asleep.
Is that asking too much??

But, while they slept, I did fold some laundry. And I worked at repairing another of my dresser drawers ... and I'm still missing MY screwdriver. I have no idea where it is!! (Hon, any clue?? You know, the red one, the magnetized one from my stepdad ... that you can change the heads on it? Says "ACE Hardware? The one that I constantly refer to as MY screwdriver? I miss it!!)

(Yes, I do have MY  own screwdriver. I also have MY own hammer -- a lightweight tack hammer. It fits my hand well. And Michael refers to it as "the girly hammer." So OBVIOUSLY it is mine. Since Michael is NOT a girly-man.)
(And, yeah, I can be all territorial about things. I'm an only child. Sharing isn't something that I had to do all that often, okay? ... But, for me, growing up? Being able to share was rather a treat! So, yeah.)

But, yeah, repairing that drawer? ANNOYING!!!

And then we had to go back to the library because I had turned one thing in yesterday that goes back to the OTHER library system. Oops! (But they were SO nice about it, assuring me that this happens ALL. THE. TIME. ^_^)

And, hey! I made dinner! Go me!!

And .... thaaaaaaat's been my day.
I meant to fold more of the laundry and to finish up the dishes ... Yeah, they didn't get done. Oh well.

But, hey! Michael made the copies that I need for the YW Retreat this weekend! Score!! Yay for having an awesome husband!!

Oh, and if you have being robo-called by politicians (I sure do. It's rather an insult ... "I want you to know to vote for me, but I don't think you're worth the cost of postage. So, um, I'm just going to have a machine call you, since I'm too busy to do it myself. And I don't think you're woth my paying an actual PERSON to dial your number and tell you why I deserve your vote ...."), go to and register your number. I did the free membership (registers one phone number). So did Michael ... and he's LEERY about signing up for stuff.

Go check it out. ^_^

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Satina said...

I have an early rising three your old too, ahhhh! What is up with that?!

I also have my own tools. I got them in the dollar section of Target and they are PINK! Yeah, no one is going to get caught walking of with those! You need PINK ones! Now that's a girly hammer!


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