Thursday, January 01, 2009

Should auld acquaintence be forgot and never brought to mind?

Happy 2009 everyone. I hope that your 2008 went well.

How did we spend the last day of the year?

The kids were still a little sick (as they still are. *sad*) but we went to Borders so I could use my accrued Borders Bucks (since I am a professed bibliophile) ... and what's really sad is that, as I browsed, I couldn't really come up with anything that I HAD to have. (And, of course, when I'm at home or at the library, I could rattle off dozens of books that are excellent. :P) But I did get a calendar (50% off) and a couple Lynn Kurland books. For when I need some escapist literature. Which isn't terribly rare. ^_^

We went grocery shopping, got some fast food, came home ... Bunny took a nap, Bruise watched a show, I went to pick up another hold at the local library and deposit the kidlets' Christmas check from Grampy, came home ... Bunny woke up, we watched Kung-Fu Panda.

Now, it was rather cute and enjoyable. But I'm miffed at the TINY TINY TINY parts that were given to Jackie Chan (especially, since I LOVE Jackie Chan! He's amazing and hilarious and I adore him!) and Lucy Liu (because she's darling, too). But, besides that, it was very well-done and a fun show.
Also, the munchkin brigade are NOT AT ALL ready to be taken to the theater. Unless I have them wrapped head-to-toe in duct tape. And then it'd only be a MAYBE.

After that, I threw up. Felt a lot better then. Even if I was a little weak and very sour-mouthed. Ugh.

After we put the kids to bed, we watched The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer (and if you've ever had the thought that what you needed was a movie with Cary Grant AND a grown-up Shirley Temple ... well, here you go! It was cute. But rather formulaic. ... And I just don't find Myrna Loy that attractive. She's a fine actress ... and not completely unfortunate-looking ... but *sigh* I think it's her uber-skinny eyebrows. I don't know. And it's completely and totally shallow of me, I know.

Today the kidlets are doing a little better. Still coughing ... and Bruise's nose is RUNNY. And he's got a temperature.  And likes to be cuddled more than usual. Poor guy. But at least Bunny isn't coughing to the point of gagging wuite so much. (Phew.)

But, yeah, we had an early night. Because if there's anything we'd like to do more this year, it's SLEEP. Because sleeping (and reading) is my favorite drug. Oh yes.


Kate the Great said...

Wow, small world- I just watched the Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer and was slightly under impressed with it.. although presently surprised by Temples preformance.

And don't you just LOVE Borders Bucks... I have to run to Borders tomorrow and use mine before I forget I have them and they expire.

Problem being, I don't know what to buy... I got pretty much every book I wanted for Christmas.

april b said...

I love Lynn Kurland! All the romance without the graphic sex. Do you know of any other authors like her? I need some more escapist literature too :)

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