Monday, January 12, 2009

The not-so-little-things

Today has been good ...

Yesterday, the kidlets went down for a nap around five ... and slept through the night. And woke up EARLY (hey, they slept for nearly twleve hours). So Michael put in a movie for them to watch as he left for work ... and they (mostly) let me sleep until almost eight.

Bless their dear little hearts. 

Yeah, I had to get up to change diapers (Well, change Bruise's diaper as he was SOAKING through ... and change Bunny's panties, since her diaper was soaked through ...), but that's okay. Since they let me lay down again and snooze for a while longer.

As we left church yesterday, as Bunny gave her plea of "I want Daddy to come too, in my car" (instead of meeting us at home later, since he has to wrap up loose ends at church, and has to come to church early for meetings beforehand) ... and Bruise, as we're pulling out of the parking lot, chirps "Bye Nursery! Bye Twoys!!" ... Which I'm still laughing about.

Bunny's been wearing the tutu she got for her birthday nearly non-stop.  As soon as she's gotten up the last couple days, the tutu goes on. She's such a funny little girl.

Today, I've promised to take the kidlets to the library to play (in the children's section, there's a train table, dollhouse, and kitchen) ... and I'm determined to make good on it.

They love the calendar that Mutti got (technically) me for Christmas ... it has velcro and you can change the month, day, year, weather, and day of the week. I'm working to teach them that not every tomorrow is "SAT-AH-DAY!!!" ... and that days do have names and a set order.
They REALLY enjoyed my vocal reworking of the days of the week set to Beethoven's Fifth. Mostly because I was ending up crowing/shouting "SAT- UHR-DAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!" as we drove to church, I think.

The things we do for our kids.  ... Like play Transformers with them (and learn how to transform them from robots into cars or dinosaurs or other assorted things ... and learn their NAMES and which side they're on [Autobot or Decepticon] ... as Michael said, "You're trying to be one of the cool moms, huh?") while the home teacher was here. 
Or how Michael will humor Bunny by playing with her Disney Princesses Barbies with her.
(It's so funny that when I play Barbies, the Barbies end up talking about shoes. Whereas with Michael, the Barbies talked about dating boys. Bunny just listens, enthralled, as the Barbies talk. So, yeah.)

And, YES, I do need to upload pictures. I KNOW. I'll get to it ... later. ^_^

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