Thursday, January 08, 2009

Reporting for duty!

Okay, so here I am ... It's not quite noon, I'm showered and dressed (and wearing make-up! ... Even though when FIRST did my mascara, I ended up with a little hair dragging on my pupil ... which was VAIR, VAIR annoying). I did a load of dishes last night and made dinner ... I still have about three loads of laundry waiting to go through the washer and dryer. ...

BUT!! I dragged myself and the kidlets out of the house and got ALL my errands done! Woot!!!

We went and bought the red decorative sugar for Bruise's cake. We went to the Post Office (where Bruise and Bunny were yelling outside about "Dere! Wobot! Wook! Wook dere! It wobot!!" -- The truck next to us had the Autobot symbol sticker. And the driver overheard me go, "Ohhhhh! Yes! He does have the Autobot sign! You're right!" And he laughed a little. Which was fine.) where I returned a book that I didn't really want that I was TOLD would have free return shipping and which decidedly did NOT have free return shipping. (I'm out $2.93, which isn't a LOT ... but I knew that I was going to be returning the book. And if I hadn't been informed that I would have free shipping, I wouldn't have had it shipped to me in the first place. ... As Jayne says, "There's nothing as deceiving as a low-down, dirty deceiver." Gotta love the Firefly quotes. Applicable to every situation. As are Princess Bride quotes.) Then we went over the BWIDGE!!! (as the kidlets chime in unison) and hit the grocery store for the food coloring gel that the kidlets were too tired to allow me to get on Tuesday. And I returned books underneath the "big library" and we headed back so I could pick up books at the "little library" ... and I checked out a few more from my TBR-list (Yay!) and bought a few of the ones for sale  -- One I had read before and enjoyed (need to get the rest of the series now), one is on my TBR-list, one just sounded interesting (about Biblical-age culture) -- and since they're $2 each, I'm happy.

We then came home, got the mail, and the kidlets are eating (SECONDS!!) their peanut-butter sandwiches ... since we're out of lunchmeat, it was the only option. Good thing they were amenable to it. Phew!

 Now, to clean off the counter and my desk, have the kids pick up their toys (you should SEE their ROOM. Looks like a tornado hit the floor.), and do those dang dishes. And clean the kitchen counters off. And clean out the fridge. And finish that laundry. But, hey ... with the laundry, I just have to wash and dry it. No one's really going to see the ginormous pile of clean clothes, right?? And, in any case, a ginormous pile of CLEAN clothes is fantabulously better (and MUCH better-scented) than a ginormous pile of dirty clothes. ^_^ Right??

And I should clean the hall bathroom.
And vacuum.
And make the batter for the kids' cake and cupcakes.

And take a nap.

And paint my toenails.

But, hey! Once that's done, I have some EXCELLENT books to read!!!! Which should be cool, right??

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Hmmmm I sure wish I had a vacuum... :-(

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