Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today didn't start off well ... but it's been a really good day.

If you read the previous blog, you'll know that I didn't get a whole lot of sleep.
I went to bed a little late, finished one book. Still couldn't sleep, so I started (and finished) another book. Then I tried to sleep. Couldn't. So I played around on the interwebs until after 2:30. Went to bed. Laid myself down ... Sleep just wasn't really happening. 

I did doze from sometime about 3 A.M. until around 4 ... when my body ... well, let's just say that my bowels have been exorcized. And I'm so glad that Michael was alseep. And that all the lights were off. (TMI, I'm sure, but I HATE it when you have to go in the middle of the night, when all you want to do is sleep ... but NOOOOOO, you have to end up alternating between nausea and ... well, STUFF, and breaking into a cold sweat ... I know that I'm human. Everybody poops. I just don't want to talk about it. ... Let's just say that at first, I wondered if I needed to "lower my cholesterol" [Bri, you'll totally know what I'm talking about] ... and then, NO, I knew that my cholesterol was PLENTLY low. Maybe in the negative digits. Oy.)

SO, sometime after four in the morning, I crawl back into bed, feeling weak and a little shaken, and manage to fall asleep until Michael's alarms go off ... Then I burrow back under the covers until the kids wake up and start squabbling over who needs to throw the wrappers for the string cheese away.

I get up, get showered (Bunny decided to join me), then I did her hair, we got dressed. Wished my Bri a happy birthday ... Got Bruise dressed, went to storytime to meet up with my Katie ... and we all went swimming.

I'll admit that I was a little trepidatious about taking the kidlets swimming. I'm outnumbered, there's a chance they could ... idk ... DIE, and I have to pay money to do it ($9 for the three of us.) ... so if they ended up throwing a tantrum, I'd be pretty torqued off ... since it's not like I could get that money back.

(Geez, aren't I am optimist? Aren't I just selfless?? :P)

But, besides the little fit Bruise had at the library (for -1- not going up the stairs, -2- Not giving him and Bunny gum in the middle of storytime and -3- not leaving at the exact second he wanted to go ... Hey, the boy is three. It goes with the territory, right?), it went REALLY well. REALLY well.

Bruise, at first, didn't want to (1) change into his swimsuit ... until he saw it. The boy has a hard time resisting his favorite characters, (2) get in the shower [Tough luck. I held him and bobbed us under the spray] or (3) get IN the pool ... or (4) get further IN the pool. ... Then he realized that it was really fun. He watched me take Bunny further into the pool and saw that she survived and had fun. ... They enjoyed playing with the pool noodles there ... Bruise ESPECIALLY loved it when I'd shoot water out of them into his FACE. (Yeah, I don't quite get my son, either.) ... Eventually (after one bit where he tripped on the in-pool steps and ended up underwater for a sec --- and had a breather, just sitting on the steps and getting splashed in the face a lot), he demanded that I "swim" his around. I think he's getting really ready for learning how to swim. He enjoys the kicking while I towed him around.
Bunny had a blast sitting on the steps and kic-splashing ... and letting Katie's boys pour water on her head. (She's pretty easy-going. Silly girl.) (Just about makes up for finding bite marks on Bruise this morning. Ugh.) She had fun pretending that she was a bit like Ariel, kicking "like a MERMAID!" and putting her face in the water, to "blow bubbles ... LIKE A MERMAID."

After all the fuss that Bruise had put up about getting IN the water, he REALLY didn't want to leave. So I had to scoop him up. But, after we got dressed (and he didn't pee in the pool ... just in the shower and next to the toilet -- Well, BEFORE we got in the pool, he DID pee in the toilet. I was VERY impressed. ^_^), he was really okay with it. Phew!)

We were able to leave without any melt-downs. Bunny even said, as we got in the driveway, that she was a little bit tired. (Usually this girl refuses to take a nap. Stubborn, like her folks. ^_^ ... For her to admit that she was tired ... Well, she was almost nodding off in the car.)

And, it's been REALLY peaceful around here today. 
If I had the money, I think I'd take them swimming every day (except Sundays ... at least, until we get our own pool. *hope, hope*).
I'm ready to put them in lessons after this, though. And maybe invest in some of those float-suits like Katie's older boys have. ... Looking online, they're called "floating swimsuits." Basically, just swimsuits with built-in flotation vests.

... Okay, the kiddos are in bed. I need to fold a crapload of laundry, do another load of dishes, and figure out what the bedevilment to make for dinner. ... Yup, I'm coming up with nothing. And also getting that little hazy-tired feeling.

I smell like chlorine. I don't mind that. 

I need to drink some more water.

I'm really tired.


Jennifer said...

Did you guys go swimming where we usually go? We got there today at about 12:20.. I am glad you guys had fun. We sure love swimming twice a week. Toward the summer, they usually sell those swimming suits with built in floaties at costco..

The Martin Family said...

Life is just funny. Sounds like you had a fun day in spite of the beginning. I miss those days!
Love ya!

Kate the Great said...

I had lots of fun.. it was great to have you guys some with time you're up for a swim just let me know.

And yes Jennifer, we went to Osborn. I think I actually saw your family getting out of the dressing rooms as we were going into ours.

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