Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The little things ...

I remember back to when Elder David A. Bednar was called to be an apostle.

And, not long after, he gave a wonderful Conference talk about the "tender mercies of the Lord."

I can witness that, yes, He knows our needs. He hears and answer our prayers (Not always in the way that we'd prefer ... but that He DOES answer prayers).
And, sometimes, He answers prayers that we aren't even aware of having.

Some of them are silly.
Like how today, after we picked up a friend's son to watch/have a playdate with, I got a knock at the back door.
I wasn't expecting anyone. But I answered it.
A neighbor had called a company who hauls off broken equipment. He saw the old water heater in our carport and asked if we wanted him to take it.

Michael and I have been meaning to get rid of it (take it to the dump) for ages. Since it broke, in fact.

So I gladly accepted. It's gone.

And I know that Heavenly Father is looking out for us.
Even though crap things happen ... He is still there, loving us, helping us to be happy.

And that's really nice to know.

Another thing that's ... well, it's good ... but still ...

There are so very many people, that when they hear of Grandpa's passing, who tell us how sad they are, how much they'll miss him, what a wonderful man he was.

I think that a true testament of a person's character is how much one is missed when he/she dies.

And ... yeah. LOTS of people miss Grandpa. Because he was a truly wonderful man.


I don't know how much of all this Bruise and Bucket are understanding.
Heck, I barely understand it all, myself. It's still a bit of a shock. He was so HEALTHY and full of life when he and Grandma came to the kids' party. ... Yeah. I'm still reeling a bit.

Bucket sat next to me and asked me why I was sad.
"Sad about what?"
"Are you sad that Daddy's dad's ... that Grandpa's dad died?"
"Yes. I miss him. But it's not for forever. And that makes me feel better. We miss people that we love when we can't be with them, right?"
She nodded. She understands that much. She and Bruise.
Especially with how Ginger and Diana aren't with us.

Bucket asks when we're going to get another cat.
"When we find one that's perfect for us." That's all that I can tell her right now.

But ... yeah. There have been some good things.
I've gotten to see my Bri more often (a VERY good thing!). She gave me a cute haircut. (Seriously, it's darling when I style it. And, when she dropped by yesterday, she asked what I had done. It was cute, but different. "I combed it. That's it. I didn't do it." ... THAT is the sign of a GOOD haircut. ^_^ Yes. I'm that lucky. To have a wonderful friend who is VERY talented.)
I had a hilarious conversation with Hilary. She cracks me up. (I told Bri about you, Hilary. She thinks you'd fit right in with us. ^_^)
I've been good and have shower presents for my sister-in-law, T1, AND for my cousin-in-law, K.
The sunsets have been beautiful. At least, the glimpses that I gotten of it (yes, I barely go outside. I'm crazy like that.)
Michael seems to be feeling better.
I really do have some wonderful friends ... and I'm humbled that they like me. And I'm terribly flattered, too.

Things are better. Gradually, I'm feeling better.
I still cry. But, hey, it's been less than a week. But I'm crying less. (My eyes and nose are very glad of this. I have VERY sore skin on my nose. *sigh*)

Still, it's really nice to NOT have a broken water heater in our driveway. *smile* That's a nice blessing.

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Hilary said...

YAY for fitting in with you and Bri (even if I haven't ever even met y'all)! :-)

Glad you're starting to feel better. I love that talk from Elder Bednar. I listened to it quite a bit over the last 6 or so months. I love the 2010 October talks too! I think I've listened to every single one of them at least twice.

Off to blog...if I can stay awake! Have a great night!

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