Monday, January 31, 2011

Crazy Dream Chronicles - Harry Potter Edition!

I don't know WHAT was going on in my subconscious last night ... but here's how it went down.

In my dream, I was with Harry Potter and  ... maybe Hermione? We were in my childhood bedroom. But it was in Godric's Hollow. We had gone back in time. And we could only be in rooms where people from that time weren't. And, for some reason, Harry had been there when he was younger. Like three or four.

AND we were hiding in my old room from Death Eaters. Harry had to hide on the bed, covered in blankets, so they couldn't see him as they patrolled around the house. Even though my aluminum-framed window was all wet with condensation. (THAT is VERY true.) So, to ensure that they wouldn't look closely as they walked by the window, I took to licking trails through the consensation as Draco and Lucius would walk by. And, boy, did they give me some WEIRD looks.
(Oh, I was younger in this dream. Like ... seventeen?)

There was this lady who was pretending to be Harry's mum. But she wasn't Lily Potter. Nor did she look anything LIKE Lily. And she had magicked and kidnapped a couple (and then returned them unharmed) because they had (besides gold lame swimsuits) tattoos that told, when they had their back together, how to get to Godric's Hollow.

And she was taking care of Little Harry.

As Harry was hiding under a blue coverlet, I saw the Weasley twins out the window. So I climbed out the window and told them that, since their birthday is April 2 and I was due on April 1 (both are true. Seriously, Rowling has put that April 2 is their birthday. I don't know WHY I remember this trivia so well. Probably because I'm a dork.), that we were "Aries-twinsies." And I snogged one of them. But he wouldn't tell me if he was Fred or George. And they walked off. And I somehow climbed back into the window. And then we went looking around (maybe we ALL had climbed out of the window?) and then we had to hide. QUICKLY, so we ran into my mom's closet. And Little Harry had followed us. But we weren't supposed to let him see us, since it was against the rules. But Harry sneaked a peek. Cute little boy. He smiled back at his older self.

But, yeah. I really should get names before I dream-snog.
But, hey, I totally snogged Gred or Forge in my dreams. I consider that an accomplishment. (Since, in my dream, I was an unmarried woman, so it's totally not cheating.)

(See, when I had a dream that I and another married man were crushing on each other, in my dream he and I were both all, "We canNOT EVER be alone together. Think of what it'll do to our spouses!" ... It's nice that my subconscious tries to be all moral. I'm glad about it.)

And, for the record, I don't go for gingers, really. But I do adore the Weasley twins. I'd totally be thrilled to be in their circle of friends. Totally.
And I'd get in SO much trouble. *sigh*


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LOL! I tried to think up some cool saying about redheads, (think, "once you go grey, there's no other way!" very true if you think about it... Harrison Ford, Sean Connery... num num!) but all I can think of is "once you go red, you're better off dead." And that's SO not true! But it rhymes, unfortunately. I'm going to have to think about this a little bit more. Because redheads OWN. And I've always felt that way. And then I was lucky enough to MARRY one! :-D

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