Saturday, January 22, 2011

You could go with this or you could go with that ...

Things I feel like doing:

  • screaming until my throat is raw
  • running/walking until I reach the horizon
  • scratching my skin off (I won't. But it's tempting.)
  • Taking four ibuprofen and sleeping until Thursday
  • crying in the shower

Things I don't feel like doing:
  • cleaning the house
  • talking about my feelings
  • talking at all
Wow. You're so lucky to have me around. /sarcasm

I'm gonna go shower. At least take off the waterproof mascara. In case that's the reason my eyes feel all dry and ouchy.


Bonnie-Jean: Our Army Life said...

Oh Llannalee... You summed it up perfectly! xxoo

Hilary said...

I have those days too! Sorry it was a rough one! Hope things get better. And please, don't scratch your skin off, then you'll just be scary looking! :-P

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