Thursday, January 06, 2011

So THIS is what it feels like to be caught up on the dishes ... Weird.

My house is still not TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY CLEAN ... but it's close.

I should change the shavings in the hedgies' cages again. And I DESPERATELY NEED to vacuum. Since I haven't done it all week.

Michael's and my room and bathroom are trashed, pretty much. And I have a few loads of laundry to fold and put away.

And there's lots of clothes in the kids' room that need to be picked up/put away ... besides the usual amount of catastrophic mess in there. Which will be cleaned Saturday morning, before their birthday party.

I really DID think of having a family party and then a friends party for them.
But I am just zonked THINKING about it.

Would it be bad form to have an unbirthday party for them? No presents or anything. But ... maybe a half-birthday party? Splash in a wading pool, eat some ice cream, play with friends? Would that be okay? Or am I overthinking this?

I had birthday parties when I was little. And, I remember liking all my friends getting together. And, also, being totally pissed off when I won a game and DIDN'T get a prize (since, as birthday girl, you get PRESENTS, it wasn't quite fair for me to get PRESENTS and a prize ... but, still ... I won that party game, I'll have you know.)

Then I had lots of slumber parties instead of birthday-party-parties. And those were (mostly) fun. (Except the one year when one of the girls said something and I repeated it. So _I_ was the one who got in trouble for gossiping at school the next day. Which is probably why I really do avoid gossiping. Because it SUCKS getting in trouble with your teacher AND YOUR MOM, who teaches in the classroom next door, ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.

Yeah. Looking back on all that ... it's amazing that I was as social as I was, since most parties that I really remember ended with/resulted in fiasco.

(Of course, there are some that balance out. Like the Beehive sleepover where one girl told me that my toes were WEIRD. [Oh, the humanity. I know. But STILL, I'm self-conscious. So sue me. {Not literally.}] ...
That one is balanced out by the Merrie Miss (our church's Sunday School class for 11-year-old girls. Back in the day).

That one was awesome. It was at my house. Even though my mom wasn't the teacher.
We were reading spooky stories out of one of the books from my mom's classroom.
I had already read it, and I knew what was coming up ...
So I said that I had to check the door [or some other lame excuse that was JUST PLAUSIBLE] and got Jazzy-cat out from under the dining room table. Then I snuck her back, as I settled back into the group.
And as poor Crystal S. was reading the part about how this monster from under the bed was reaching out his "hairy paw" out toward the little boy, I touched her hand [out of the flashlight's beam] with Jazzy's paw.
Oh. My. Stars. And. Garters! She screamed ... then the other three girls screamed ... and my mom burst out of her bedroom and yells out from the hall to find out what the heck is going on.
"We're just reading scary stories," I managed to choke out between hysterical giggles.
Yeah, good times.  ... And, yes, Crystal does still talk to me. In fact, she thought it was funny ... after a couple minutes. She's good people.)

But yeah ... So, I'm still kinda tired. And I figured out that I'm PMS-y. Fun, fun.
How did I figure this out?
Well, I was feeling all surly and yelling at the kids about dumb stuff ... and I couldn't figure out why I was so ... off.
And then I started thinking about how it might just be easier if I wasn't around anymore. Since it sucks that my cats are all dead and I'm too scared/indecisive to get another. And, if I wasn't around, I could just hibernate and NOT stress about cleaning the house or dealing with the kids or any animals ... And then I told myself that I couldn't die or hibernate because (1) I have no life insurance and (2) I have too darn much stuff to do.

And then I mentally took a step away from the situation and thought objectively, "You know, I think I'm PMSing. Huh. That explains it all."

Yes, my dears. When I'm toeing the line of being suicidal, I realize that this amount of sheer crazy is brought to you by the letters P, M, and S. Evil hormones.

And, really, once that I REALIZE that I'm premenstrual, I can DEAL with it.
It's not like I didn't KNOW that it would be coming up pretty soon (like, in a few days. Thank you, little cycle tracker/predictor on my computer.), it's just that I kind of forget that I get PMS before my cycle hits. Stupid, huh? ... I think it's just a touch of denial. You know?
Since it SUCKS that I go six flavors of crazy before I get my period ... maybe my brain is just all, "Oh, nothing to see here. Go back about your business, good citizens. Nothing to worry about. I'm sure that this was an isolated event."
But it's not.

Wow. It's like my hormones are serial offenders.

WOW. It's like I'm a total dork, too.

But, yeah. The house is almost clean enough for company this weekend.

And I swept off the front walkway. While doing this, the tip of the broom came off ... that part that you can hang the broom from when you're NOT sweeping? And, in the process of putting it back on, I pinched my finger and gave myself a blood blister.
Yippie skippie, right?

I'd show you, but it'd look like I was flipping you off.

It's stopped aching and throbbing (and now lets me type and use the mouse inimpeded) ... it just feels CRAZYTIGHT when I fully extend/hyper extend my finger. Probably since there's that added pressure from that pocket of blood in my finger.
Almost the exact size/shape as a grain of rice, so it's not like it's GINORMOUS or anything.
Just stupid.

I should wash the window on the screen door.

Yes, I am just that crazy ... This is what I've been doing. I reclutter up my desk ... then I think, oh, time to get rid of those cobwebs that I can only reach with the broom. Hey, while I'm doing that, let's dust the light fixture over the dining room table (the one that I can only reach by standing on the table). Oh, the lights are dusty. Let's take off the covers and wash them. Okay, after they're dry, let's put them back.

All while avoiding vacuuming OR doing my WiiFit workout for the day.



Robin said...

I love you, and I wish I could hug you right now! I totally get all PMS-y crazy too! Also my dishes are the bane of my existence, last week (I think) I rearranged my furniture instead of doing them, yesterday I washed the hood vent thing over the stove instead, and mind you neither of these tasks were completed in a normal straightforward fashion, more like in the most ADD, how many things can distract me and I will try to get done, or not do...hey look there's facebook, manner that ever happened....I guess what I'm saying is, thanks for writing all that it sounds like me, only I don't have the attention span to write it.

Hilary said...

You totally had me cracking up! :-P

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