Thursday, January 13, 2011

My boy, I love him so ...

Because he'll say things like this ...

SCENE: In the van, on the way back home from a fun (most excellent) afternoon at the Aquarium.
The kiddos have fallen asleep as we're taking them to Coldstone to get their birthday ice cream.
I have moved to the middle row of seats, so I can poke and prod the kidlets awake.

Me: Bruise? *poke* Bruise?? Are you asleep???

Bruise: *swings his head from one shoulder to the other, then mumbles* No. I'm just FINKING abouu SOMET'ING.

(Yes, that's how he said it. And it cracked me up enough that he and Bucket woke up enough to ask me what I was "laffin'" about. ... Then I had to poke Bucket in the nose again to get her awake.)

They're FIVE. Five years and four days! How insane is that???

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