Saturday, January 15, 2011

And everything in between ...

Since I FINALLY covered ALL of the Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!!!!, now I can fill in the blanks since I last posted.

Monday - Kid's birthday DAY. I made waffles for breakfast. They had cake for lunch. We went to the Aquarium. Had Taco Bell for dinner (Note: The new salsa verde packets? Yum! But I still love the mild sauce. Which is why I have about a dozen packets in my purse. What??) Kids had Cold Stone for dessert.

Tuesday: I really don't recall ... But I know we watched Castle. Oh, yeah! I read to the kids. We got through the Isaiah chapters from Nephi (since Michael was looking forward to getting through them). So I missed/totally forgot(!!) about watching Glee. Oops!

Wednesday: Mom was working, so she wasn't able to come up. We stuck around the house. Really (NOT) exciting.
Started playing Echo Bazaar, which I am a little addicted to now. Steampunk, Underground London, mystery ... if you start playing, let me know!

Thursday: Had issues with my Diva cup.  (Because I was forgetting to give it a turn so it'd seal. DUMB!! <-- me, that is.) Skipped the Relief Society activity to run some errands (I had to pick up my holds!!) That and I spent a good portion of the day uploading the kids' birthday pictures to Facebook. And labeling faces in Picasa (did YOU know that it has face-recognition? I didn't! And it's funny who it thinks pictures are sometimes. A good deal of the time it's right. Sometimes, not so much. But it's entertaining. Even though it's taking me FOREVER to get through it all.)

Yesterday: Helped Michael with trimming the branch over the roof. I don't have issues with heights (though I'm currently the only one in the house without insurance -- and I'm very aware of it), so I climbed the ladder to the roof. And it was WINDY. So Michael, who doesn't care for heights, had to get up there and work on the branch as I kept the kiddos under control on the ground.
But the tree has been barbered a bit. No windows (or bones!) were broken in the process. Phew!!

Then we all got showered or had a bath and went to the library.
Michael updated his library card (expired since 1999 ... almost half of that time, though, was spent living in another town). So he now has his own card.
AND SO DO THE KIDS. Yup! Exciting!!
And they got to check out their DVDs and books on their own cards.
Then we drove around, looked at their school (from the car as we drove by), and went home.

And, as I mentioned before, then we played Operation! and Uno. And Michael and I slept in the kids' room.

Now we're just waiting for Michael to get back from his HAM Radio class. Then we're off to run some errands. Exciting, I know. (NOT. But still.)

And ... yeah. I think we're caught up.

We're still enjoying Netflix. So far this week, we've watched Knight and Day (not as terrible as I worried it'd be) and Despicable Me (I'm ready to buy that one).

And we now have the whole Star Wars saga. Thanks to Costco. Phew! (Though, that happened last weekend, I think. Oh well. My days run together a bit.)

Okay. I'm caught up. Phew!!!!

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