Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bruise and Bucket's Fifth Birthday Party EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! (Part One)

Okay, this is PART ONE ... since it's going to be PICTURE HEAVY.
Just warning you, okay??

Technically, the kids birthday was Monday. THIS party was Friday.

One of my besties, Roxy, has two daughters. Her youngest is born three days before my kiddos. And they are friends. My kiddos LOVE her daughters. And, if I had a vehicle (and if her oldest wasn't in school), we'd be commuting for more playdates.

Roxy asked about places more local to us to meet up. We agreed on A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village. And, sure enough, the kiddos all had a great time.

They got to play in the Bubble Room ...

Milk a fake cow (which "moo"ed REALLY LOUD" and ... lactated... water, 

Play with electricity, 

Turn back time (Okay, not really ... but they got to sit in a time machine!!),

Watch the trains ...

And slide down a dinosaur's back!

After all that (AND sliding down a HUGE slide!), we all packed up and drove to a Pizza parlor a few miles away. After pizza, soda, birthday cake, and presents (for the birthday girl and for Bruise and Bucket), we headed home, tucked the kids in bed and finished the cakes ....


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