Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bruise and Bucket's Fifth Birthday Party EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! (Part Three - Everything Else)

Okay, so we've discussed the cakes and the pre-party party... What's left?

The party! And then their ACTUAL birthDAY (since the party was a few days earlier)!

Okay ... Let's see.
It was a family party. My folks were there -- Dad, L, Mom, and Aunt J (My Stepdad wasn't feeling well. And it's a trial to get his to travel even when he is. :P). Michael's folks and his siblings (except brother C and his wife, A, who sent their kids over with Mom and Dad C. And brother-in-law, K, was busy studying, so he didn't make it. But his wife, T1, was there. And Grandpa and Grandma C came.
And Bri and her mom stopped by for a pre-party visit, got to see the hedgehogs.
Bri's mom, Stephanie (or "Other Mom," as I call her. ^_^) remarked on how tidy the house looked. ^_^ (If only it looked so nice right now. *sigh*)

The kids got lots of presents. But, with how all the kids were in the center and how fast their older cousins delivered presents to be opened, I really don't know who all gave WHAT, exactly. So, writing "thank you" cards, which was my goal this year, is a little more difficult.

We did presents before cake.

(We also got a present, too. Besides the awesome presence of so much awesome family.
Jason-head gave us a copy of Jeopardy for the Wii. Since his company made it. And, if you look through the credits, he's in there. With a picture of his head and all. ^_^ We've played it. Quite fun!)

And people liked the cakes. T1 told me that the Blue Velvet cake tasted really good. (It did. I just hadn't tried any at that point. PHEW!! When I get food compliments from T1, I KNOW it's really good. ^_^)

Bruise and Bucket enjoyed playing with all their new things. Bruise recruited Michael ASAP in helping him put together all the new LEGO sets. ^_^ Bucket and her older cousins ran to their room to play dress-up. I think that I enjoyed Bucket's new Rapunzel dress more than Bucket! (And this was one of the things that Bucket REALLY wanted. ... And we had to shop around for a bit. ... But, it soothed me a bit that Bucket was truly thrilled to get the Barbie Three Musketeers DVD that I had ordered. Since it was on a really good sale. With free shipping. ... It was $5. I HAD to jump on that deal. And I'm glad that she really, really liked it.)

The kiddos are really looking forward to September, when they can use their big presents from Mom and Dad C -- BACKPACKS! Bruise's is still on order (Darth Vader) and Bucket LOVES her Hello Kitty pack. And it even had a HK sandwich container and water bottle. ^_^ Very fun.
(Honestly, even though I'm kinda scared at the fact that the kids will be starting school, I AM way excited for school supply shopping. Yes. I am a geek. I know.)

We played with their new games last night. A couple rounds of Operation! and a game of Uno (Bruise won. Bucket came in second ... with a little help). And, to finish out their birthday week, Michael and I slept in their room last night. (Yes, we sacrificed watching DVDs of Castle: Season Two for them. Obviously, we love them a LOT.)

Going back in time a little ... since this IS my blog and I CAN do that, Michael came home early on Monday and we went to the Aquarium. (Since it was too cold to go to the zoo.) It was really a ... perfect day. I couldn't think of anything that would have made it better (well, shy of receiving a windfall of money so that we'd never have to work again. And I could make HeiferInternational donations constantly -- best anti-depressant EVER).

The aquarium wasn't too crowded. The kids were happy. I got some good pictures (Truly? The aquarium is AWESOME for practicing with my camera. I use the shutter-priority setting there a LOT. ^_^).
And the kids opted for Taco Bell (which pleased Michael to no end. He doesn't love their favorite restaurant -- McDonald's. :P). Then we headed home and got them their birthday ice cream at Cold Stone.

And it was good. Very, very good.

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