Monday, January 31, 2011

Cute things said lately ...

I feel a little bad, since I don't have a lot of Bucket quotes. Probably because she's mastered speaking more than Bruise has.

She loves to play with words. Those irregular verbs are a challenge, too.
And she likes to go for effect, especially to make people laugh.

"Don't spank my buttie!!" is something that she likes to giggle. "Don't pinch my nosie!" "Don't touch my hair-ie!"

Getting into the car to go to church yesterday morning, Bruise asked for a piece of gum.
"Can I have one, too??" Bucket chimed in.
"Well ... no. Not until after Sacrament. This way you won't have to spit it out before then."
And Bruise dropped his head, DEJECTED, and moaned, "Dis is so HAWD."
And I completely bust up. And so did Bucket (who has started quoting this as a joke). And, when Michael got into the car, we had to tell HIM ... and he laughed, too.

And, YES, the kids did split a stick of gum after the bread and water was passed.

During church, Michael had to sit on the stand, as Elder's Quorum President, since Bishop's counselors weren't there.
Bucket asked me why Daddy had to sit up there.
I told her that, since Bishop's counselors weren't there, Bishop didn't want to be lonely. :P

Michael asked me later, how I enjoyed the talks.
I have TWO FIVE-YEAR-OLDS jockeying for WHO gets to sit on Mommy's lap, trading spots (YES, I am grateful that they share. Less so when they WHINE about how HE/SHE wants to sit on my lap. Or how SHE NEVER gets to sit on my lap) DURING THE WHOLE MEETING.

MY FLIP. It's no small wonder that I have COMPLETELY LOST the ability to pay attention to speakers at church. (I try and listen hardest to the people that I know. Or that I want to get to know better. Or the youth --- since their talks are the SHORTEST. ^_^)

Yeah, give me about twenty years or so. I'll be able to pay attention to talks again. I hope!!

Bruise, a few nights ago, as we were reading scriptures ... Michael asked, "Who is the light of the world?"
Bruise: [Cousin's name]. *laughs* Jesus.

Crazy children. They're nuts. ... Like when Bucket will do this deep, growly voice. Sounds like she's possessed. Pretty funny.

Okay, I'm being summoned to go play Lego Star Wars on the Wii. Better go. Who knows what trauma they'll claim I've inflicted otherwise. Ha ha ha.

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