Monday, January 24, 2011

Tell them I had a clever title. Make something up.

Church went well ... Michael wasn't feeling so hot, so I took him home after Sacrament meeting.
By the time I got back to church (not long), Sunday School was already about halfway through. So I did the usual ... skipped. Yeah. I'm bad.
(I HATE walking in late. Everyone looks at you. You KNOW you're disrupting the class. You have to find a SEAT. ... So, yeah, if I'm more than 5 minutes late, I don't go. Unless Michael's with me. It's stupid. I know.)

Young Women's went well. I went to the Beehives' class, since they only had one adult for their class. It's the first time that I got to see our new Beehive instructor teach. And she does it well. (I like her. A lot. Her family and Michael's family have been friends for ages. And she's really wonderful.)

Then I had to talk to a member of the Bishopric at the end of class.
I'm NOT in trouble.
So, for those of you who know how it works, you can guess what's going on.
I can't tell you anything more until Sunday.  *sigh*

I picked up the kids and we went home.
And I made them tortilla wraps, since our bread was moldy. (The price of buying bread without TONS of preservatives!)

As I was at the computer, working on a few things, I hear Bruise, at the table:
"Happy birffday to yoooo ... Happy birffday to yooooo ... Happy birffday dear sandwich ... *laughs*"

Yup, that was just what I needed. It helped.

In the evening, I went to meet the missionaries to help teach a lesson to an investigator.
I FINALLY found the place ... which took me a few minutes longer than I was planning.
And left me parking the car about five minutes early.
And I waited.
And I called the elders after a few minutes. And they were on their way.
And, after they arrived, NO ONE WOULD ANSWER THE DOOR.
I had seen people through the window as I waited. We could hear them inside.
The husband even came home, walked through us on the front porch as he answered a few questions ... then closed the door behind him.

The elders felt AWFUL that I had left my sick husband to wait for them and to have that ... kind of reception at the door.

I mostly laughed about it. You always hear about the missionaries have doors slammed in their faces.
I always figured that if people made appointments, they either would be there OR they'd not be home.
It's rather silly to just not answer the door. ESPECIALLY when people can HEAR that you're in there. :P

Today, I got up. We got the front rooms vacuumed. Michael's home sick. Still.
I don't mind him being home. I just don't like that he's sick.

I took the kids over to a friend's house (one of MY friends) so they could play with her kids' toys while I taught her the basics of blogging. And we got to chat. Which was really fun.

Tomorrow, I'll be watching the sons of another friend in the ward. I'm a little nervous. Four kids. Here. For over six hours.
I have snacks and lunch planned out. Everything else ... will ... well, it'll happen.
(There's a BIG REASON why I don't do childcare out of my home. Or homeschooling.)
(That reason is ME.)

Michael felt up to buying a suit. Since he's been needing one. Especially for Grandpa's funeral Thursday.
During the services, he'll be singing with the male grandsons (any of his brothers, brothers-in-law, and cousins/cousins-in-law that want to), being a pallbearer, and dedicating the gravesite. I have an easier time. I will sing with the granddaughters. That and try not to be a drippy mess.

I should make sure that the house is clean. Just in case we need a place to congregate after the service.
And I should make dinner in the crockpot. And maybe have a dessert and bread baked, too. Just in case.

It seems like it's been so long since Saturday. I feel older. Saturday was just a very long day.
This week isn't a good one for spending time with Michael, anyways. Between meetings, activities (The Elders Quorum is going shooting. I'll be at the YW retreat), we don't have much of a weekend. *sigh* But it'll be good to spend time with my girls. And, if the weather stays this nice, the shooting activity will actually HAPPEN this time. (It was supposed to happen in November? December? But the EQ presidency had a last-minute meeting that they all had to go to, family emergencies, and the weather sucked. You have a hard time shooting outside when it's POURING.)

But, yeah. This month ... within a 15-day period had a total range from a perfect day (being the kids' birthday when we went to the Aquarium) to quite horrific (being Grandpa's death on Saturday).

Let's just hope and pray that things will keep pretty stable and pretty mellow. That Michael will pass this Engineering license test. That we will (get off our duffs and) sell the baby truck. That the kids have a good time when they start school this fall. That I lose 50 pounds and am voted Homecoming Queen! (Okay, how about just fitting in the really cute skirt I got a few months ago? I'll totally settle for that.)

Okay. I need to close this up and play cards with my daughter.
Ciao and all that.

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