Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sleep Deprived ... But on PURPOSE this time

Since I stayed up chatting and laughing until three in the morning at the Young Women Retreat.

We stayed at a beach house, just a few blocks from the ocean. It was really awesome.
We had ... 17 girls and 9 adults (including Bishop and another Brother from church ... in case we needed a blessing or anything. Church rules. Just like how adult leaders of either gender cannot sleep in the same room/tent as any of the girls that are NOT their daughters. True.)

We had GREAT food (delicious soups and rolls for dinner. Brownies for dessert. Breakfast was French Toast and sausage links. Leftover soup and sandwich rolls for lunch. Everything was so tasty!) and lots of fun.

It's kind of a pity that we can only afford to do it once a year. But I made sure to get lots of pictures. And I got to know more of the girls. And to spend some more time with some of the leaders and girls (and some of the moms) that I don't always get to see (besides at church).

So, yes, I'm not dead. I'm exhausted. But in a good way.

And we have some great little inside jokes. Excellent.

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