Monday, March 15, 2010

What I've been up to ...

... Well, besides answering the random question every couple of days.
(Though, I really do have to thank you when you submit questions. I really appreciate being able to respond to what you really want to know. ^_^)

Okay, so my last REAL blog post was just over a week ago. Now I have to think of everything that's gone on.

- I've cleaned the house (which is, of course, messy again).
- We went to the aquarium ... It was a good trip (SHORT, but good), even though they've taken down the Oddwater exhibit (so the kiddos were sorry not to get to see the "Nemo-fish" and "Dory-fish" or to pet the baby sharks and skates.
- We took the kids (with the YW) to a middle school play (in which one of our YW starred! And she was GREAT!) ... and the kids, well, I was really impressed. They paid attention and enjoyed it TONS! Maybe I'll have some "let's go to the theater" buddies?? I suppose that I'll really know for sure this Friday (we'll be going to see a free Youth Theater production of Cinderella ... It should be great!)
- I'm still taking my HAM radio/Amateur Radio class. Test is 4 weeks away! Wish me luck! (Overall, I'm doing okay. I just don't like it when I'm not getting 'A's on all the quizzes. Yes, I can pass with a C --24/35--, but I like to do REALLY WELL. Because I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Therefore, I'm sick in the head. But you already knew that.
- We went down to visit family this weekend. (If you're on Facebook, you'd already have put that together, I'm sure. ^_^) We also got to go to the historical museum in town (which, sadly enough, I hadn't been to in ... um ... around ten years. :S And I LIKE museums!) ... and we were able to attend church with my folks (since Michael doesn't HAVE to be at church for meetings with his new calling. ^_^), where I got to see and catch up with lots of people from my home ward (which has been dissolved and reincorporated into a new ward) ... and quite a few parents of people I went to school with.
- Last week, I finally broke out my Mom's old sewing machine (which she passed on to me after the sewing machine that my MIL had given us bit the dust ... and I helped Mom order a new one). Now, I'm NOT a seamstress at all. I love the idea of sewing, but it scares the CRAP out of me. BUT I faced my fears and repurposed two T-shirts that I really never wore (one of which I have NEVER worn. It just wasn't my style. But it had a cute applique on the front) into tote bags for library trips and such. (One I'm using for my radio class. It is perfect for fitting my class manual, a notebook, a water bottle, and snacks -- like the Sour Patch Kids that I was snarfing last class. #^.^#)

I've also been working at speeding through my library books that are coming due. So, yeah, if you click through to my GoodReads, you can actually see what I've been finishing lately. Instead of what all is just sitting around the house or on my nightstand for me to get around to reading.
Let's see ... what have I read this last week-and-a-half ...
  • Peter and Max (Fables) - Bill Willingham [tie-in with Fables graphic novel series]
  • Your Four-Year-Old & Your Five Year Old - Louise Bates Ames [two non-fiction guides]
  • Sorcerers and Secretaries (vol 1-2) - Amy Kim Ganter [graphic novel]
  • Secrets to Die For - L.J. Sellers [fiction murder-mystery - Michael heard about it on the radio and thought it sounded like something I'd enjoy. Yet another reason I love this man.]
  • Shakespeare's Christmas - Charlaine Harris [murder-mystery]
  • An Ice Cold Grave - Charlaine Harris [murder-mystery]
  • Chapter 4 of the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. I need to study Ch. 5 today. ^_^
  • The Zombie Survival Guide: Reported Attacks - Max Brooks [fiction graphic novel]
  • Barefoot Gen (vol. 5-7) - Keiji Nakazawa [graphic novel series about the aftermath of the detonation of the A-bomb over Hiroshima. Partly autobiographical. Harrowing.]
  • Top Ten: The 49ers - Alan Moore [graphic novel]
Um ... I think that's mostly it. Right now I'm also reading through The Pioneer Woman Cooks (yes, the cookbook, not just the blog) by Ree Drummond.

And, yes, that's most of what's keeping me busy. Being on the computer (usually facebook), reading, cleaning my dirty house, spending some time NOT ignoring my children (ha ha ha), and {like I need to do RIGHT NOW} feeding my family. *sigh*

Sooooooooo .... what's new with you?

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