Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Picture Post?!?!?

I will warn you tender, squeamish types that there will be some thumb pictures in here.
But they'll be at the very end. And I'll warn you before I foist them upon you.

But first, check out these kidlets.

I mean, really, how can you not want to nom-nom-nom on them (just a little). They're like sweet, little honey-dipped angels.
(Until they start in with the whining and bickering. But these moments of pure, unadulterated saccharine are totally worth it. -- Like when they run through the house holding hands. Or when Bucket comes up, grabs your arm and announces, "Mommy, we too friends." Yes, feel free to covet that experience. I'd covet myself, if I were someone else. ^_^)

Last Thursday, we went to a baseball game. We only stayed for two innings (It was getting time for the kidlets to be in bed. And, honestly, I had the results show of SYTYCD to watch.), but seeing a game in person? I think I could manage that in the future.

This is my favorite picture that I took of Bucket.
So what if it's a little unfocused.
She's still darling.

Here's Bruise, working on the hot dog.
(Bucket, Grandma, Michael and I had burgers.)
Since we were here for a thing for Michael's work, we got free food.
(The burgers were excellent. The baked beans ... could have been better. However, the potato salad? Pretty tasty. And I don't really care for potato salad.)

Bruise enjoyed his soda.
However, the real reason for the thumbs-up ... *lol*
Since his little accident, I've been taking lots of pictures.
Now, whenever I take his picture, he'll show me his thumb.
It turned out well in this picture, though, no?

The kidlets enjoyed watching the game.
And hanging over the partition.
And stealing our noses, sunglasses, and Michael's hat.

And yet another reason I keep them around.
They're just too cute.
And they're more photogenic than I am.
(Seriously, what's with my Mona Lisa-esque smile?)
Beware! The graphic thumb-pictures below!!! You have been warned!

Here is the picture of Bruise's thumb when we took him to the doctor's when I noticed the blistering and all.

It's not very pretty.

And it's really blurry because I took it on my phone. And I had to be quick. Dr. R kept working on it while I attempted to snap a pic for Michael. (And Bucket circled the table, trying to pat Bruise's leg. "No cry, Bruise. No cry. It okay. It okay, Bruise.")

Now here it is that all the scabbing has come off. It's still red and a little swollen. It looks like there's some skin missing around his nail bed. That should be better in a week or four, I think. And, if not, it's not like boys care about their nails so much. ^_^

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Here's a thumb side-by-side comparison. You can see how swollen it is and how much pinker it is. And how much I really need to trim that right thumbnail.

He seems to be fine, though. It doesn't seem to bother him. And he's very quick to point out (as I go through and edit pictures), "Bruise owie!! Bruise thumb owie!!"

(Total aside: Bruise and Bucket are in the bathroom. And I hear her sing, "La la la. [Bucket] World." <-- to the tune of "Elmo's World." Love it.)

I think that within about a month, we'll be past the Bruise-Thumb Saga. And, except for our poor checkbook, will be able to almost forget it ever happened.


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