Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh ... about my dreams .... Here's another humdinger ...

So, the other night, I had some dreams that tell me that I don't want to move to Alaska.

Since that's where I was living in this dream.

But I still DO want to GO to Alaska ... I really, really, really want to see the Aurora Borealis.

If you're weak-hearted, you might not want to read these. I'm giving you warning.
Because, obviously, my subconscious is one evil piece of work.
Seriously, I don't want to meet my Id in a dark alley. ... Therefore, my ego is serisously a super-ego, battling that puppy 24/7 ... if you believe Freud. Which I don't know that I really do.
Some of his theories are WACK.

Not wiggedy-wack. Just the regular kind.


But, in the first dream, I was in this house. But it wasn't MY house. But I was there ... and ended up being chased around by some woman (who DIDN'T live in that house) with a big, sharp, pointy knife.

(I had better endurance in my dream than I do in real life. Just sayin'. I should probably work on that, huh?)

In the SECOND dream (or crazy dream, part 2), I was in a house in Alaska that WAS my house. And ... there was a guy ... like a mix of Michael and my dad. But neither, really. And we had a Canadian friend. Who reminded my much of my friend, Priss (not her RL name, but her blog name. She knows who she is. ... And I think that a few of you do, too). -- Mostly because of her looks (dark-haired, slim lines, pretty). But still ...

SO ... in this part of my dream, Not-Michael, Canadian Friend, and I were in my Alaska House. And this man breaks in. And I think that he tied both Not-Michael and Canadian up. And then he's grabbed me and thrown me to the floor and demands that I take off my jeans.

And I REALLY don't want to. Because I know what that means he plans to do.

And Not-Michael can't/won't do anything. Just kinda shakes his head and won't meet my eyes. Or Break-in-guy's, either.

Canadian can't help me, being tied up ... and Break-In-Guy has a weapon ... a gun? ... but she just looks at me with such compassion and sorrow. Just about breaks my heart since it seems like maybe she dealt with that before.

And then, right before I woke up, Break-In-Guy doesn't really DO anything. It's, like, just a lesson for Not-Michael ... who might be in politics or a judge or something and made the wrong verdict or whatever in a case regarding Break-In-Guy's family or something.

And so, I wake up being all .... WITHER THE FRIES?!?!?
But I'm glad that I didn't have to take off my jeans.


Eigelmommy said...

If you don't want to go to Alaska because of your dreams you could go to shawano Wisconsin to see the the northern lights. THey are stunning.

Allanna said...

That's good to know. ^_^

I probably would still GO to Alaska. But I just wouldn't buy a house up there.

Or not be married to Michael.

Since I plan on keeping him, I think I'll be okay. ^_^

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