Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Okay, how SAD is it that I have to look at my blog to remember what I have and have not posted?

... Maybe I don't want you to answer that.
Let's see ... I'm still crazy and hormonal (THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE ... NOT! ... And if I were not a Christian woman, I'd tell you EXACTLY what I think of her at this exact point in time.).

This manifests in FUN ways (yes, that was sarcasm). Like when the DVD player decides not to work, I treat my dear children to a LOUD lecture on how to press the freaking STOP button on the DVD player before taking the DRATTED DVD OUT of the player!!!!

(However, once we restart the DVD player just shy of a zillion times ... okay, like, THREE times ... it will work again.)

Once it started working again, we watched Disney Earth (GOOD) and the NOVA (PBS) documentary on bees. Which the kids both enjoyed. And so did I.
(Truly, it's SAD how rarely I sit with the kids when they're watching a show. They've watched DVDs that I've been in the room for ... but have paid no attention to ... I know, I'm such a LOSER!)

Another way that my PMS manifests is ... well, here's the story.

Last night, Michael's telling me about an employee at work. Who, while trying to do something for the company website and signed into Michael's Gmail account, CHANGED HIS PASSWORD AND TRIED TO CHANGE HIS USERNAME.

It sounds kinda funny and really pitiful. But, my sakes, I was IRATE. I was ready to go and give this individual a *****-slap or something.

Michael took it in stride, let me know his new password (since we often sign each other in and out of accounts as we share his laptop) ... worked at calming me down.
(And the calming down process finished around 10:30, after I browsed through the Coldwater Creek catalog. Yes, the prices are WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE ... but some of the pieces they offer are pretty nice. If I had them, I'd wear them.

Yeah, so that's that. Seriously, if anyone ever tries to reset one of my passwords, looks like I'll probably go apoplectic on that person. So, yeah, just be forewarned.
(AND THAT IS NOT A CHALLENGE. DO NOT TAKE IT AS SUCH, any aspiring hackers out there. Please. I'm asking nicely.)

Gosh, paranoid much? Me? NOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!
Where'd you ever get such a preposterous idea?? *shifty eyes*

Here's a little vignette from this morning:
Scene: I am checking Facebook before I study for my class. Bruise pops out of his room and sees me at the computer.
Bruise: *whispers* Is Daddy s'eeping?
Me: No, Daddy's not sleeping, sweetie. He's at work today.
Bucket: *hisses at Bruise from their bedroom* I TOLD YOU!!

Yup, that's what goes on in this household.

OH! Speaking of what a total failure I am as a mother, I hadn't even THOUGHT of teaching the kids racial tolerance or anything until one of my friends posted an article about it on Facebook.

And so, I pulled Bucket up on my lap to ask her about people with different colored skin.

And, oh, my jaw dropped for a bit. And I was VERY QUICK to correct her that people of ALL skin colors are just as smart and kind and everything as we lily-white palefaced honkies.
(Okay, maybe I didn't call us Honky folk, but it was implied.)
And I showed her pictures of my Pie (as I can refer to her, my token Black friend) and her kiddos ... and we talked about Princess Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog) and how cool and smart and wonderful these people are ... And I think it sunk in a little.
(Now we watched videos about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Brown vs. The Board of Education and discussing "Separate but Equal" -- note that I can't refer to that travesty without putting it in quotation marks -- and we started talking about other cultures [like the Maori with their AWESOME Haka. Love it!!] and things. And I think that they're starting to get it. Phew!!)

So, tomorrow night is my last radio class. Next week is the test. Then I'll have free Wednesday nights again ... to watch GLEE!!!!!! (Not like I'm at all excited. ... Truly, I've been really crap about watching television. Even DVDs. How sad is that? Oh well.)

Tonight is our ward's YW New Beginnings ... where I get to tell about and pass out the new ribbons that girls have earned. So, yes, I should put on some make-up today. ^_^

Looks like we're missing storytime today, since the kidlets didn't get their mess picked up in time before we prayed and did a little scripture story this morning (Look! I'm putting forth an effort! Yay!! Now if I can just keep it up, right?????). Oh well. More time to fold some laundry, do a load of dishes, read a book (for me) and to read together and watch a show (for the kids).

I got one package in today -- one of the books that Mom and I ordered -- Kabumpo of Oz (the 15th in the Oz series. This is the second by Ruth Thompson) ... We had a devil of a time getting a copy with illustrations. This one is a library discard. There's a hole in one page, so I'll be guessing a little on what words are supposed to really go there. But I'm glad that it has the awesome John R. Neill, "Royal Illustrator of Oz" drawings in there. ^_^

Oh, you might laugh at this ... Sunday night, as Michael and I were getting ready to go to bed, he had been reading my newest copy of Mental_Floss magazine (which I haven't gotten to yet) and remarked about Bing cherries ... how he didn't know before this where they were first grown. And he made me guess. I got it wrong (I guessed California ... it's really Oregon) ... and when he told me the right answer, I was all "*gasp!* Oh, that's right! There was that fruit orchard! And Bing isn't the name of the owner of the orchard, it's the last name of the Chinese immigrant who worked his farm. The owner named it for him, since he worked so hard on the orchard! That's right!" (And it is. *preens*)

Michael: How do you know this?!?

Me: I read it. .... I don't recall where exactly. But, I was reading it a while ago.

Michael: Why am I not surprised?

So, yeah ... I guess there really is a reason why one of my friends has told me (time and again) that, if she ever is on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," I'm the friend that she'll be phoning.

It's nice to be good for something. ^_^

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Dianne K. Nelson said...

except that Glee is moving to Tuesday nights, so you're still sunk. Now we have to decide what NOT to tape, since our dvr is already on overload taping The Biggest Loser and LOST...

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