Friday, March 05, 2010

The last few days ...

  • My radio class is going well enough ... I am learning most of the material. I think I'll be doing okay on my test next month.
  • I hate how money (and the not always having enough of it) is so incredibly sucktastic. Can we go back to the barter system?
  • I'm grateful for having running water. And electricity. And a healthy family.
  • My Uncle Mike is doing better, thanks for all the prayers. His right eye -- the one that he wasn't supposed to ever see out of again? He has double vision in it. Right now, he's in some heavy physical therapy. If you can pray that he can regain his speech, that'd be really awesome.
  • Michael stayed home (to work on the truck a little) yesterday. So it's like we have an extra-long weekend. Which I'm really enjoying very much.
  • I've been ON FIRE with the hand looms that my mom gave me as an early birthday present. Bruise and Bucket each have a hat (which they SLEPT in last night), and I've made one for my (currently in-utero) little niece ... and a few to add to the ones our YW group is donating.
  • I learned my MIL's favorite color. ... Yeah, how did I not know this for the last ... almost nine years??? (Answer: Because I'm a BAD, BAD daughter-in-law. ... I kid. But I could be better!)
  • We went to the aquarium this morning (and I was a complete lackwit who forgot her camera). And almost couldn't get back to our house. The street we live off of was closed (and there's no back way to get home). Thanks to a kind policeman who let us through so we could make lunch. ^_^
  • Also, Bucket and I had a grand time walking barefoot on the beach and splashing our feet in the water. ... And we saw a pelican. They're HUGE!! I really had no idea! ... And there was a Heron outside of the aquarium, by the bay. Good birding today. (YES, you KNEW that I was that much of a geek. ^_^)
On the way home from Costco yesterday, Bucket was trying to make us guess what she had put in her hat. It was a little toy cat ... and I was making wild guesses

Bucket: Guess what's in my hat??
Me: Is it ... WORLD PEACE?? An Elephant? A LLAMA???
Bucket: Guess what I have in here. And this time, Mom, say "kitty."

And, as she made me guess again, Michael declared, "RUG!"

How does he manage to make me love him more than ever???
Seriously, it's this wicked habit of his.
Not that I'm really complaining. ^_^

Also, you might enjoy this -- As I was driving the kids to the library, Bucket decided that she wanted to be silly.

Bucket: You're not my mommy.
Me: Oh, REALLY?? Then who am I?
Bucket: You're Daddy.
Bruise: (suddenly breaks into the conversation) You can't be Daddy, You're not a DUDE!! You're a DUDETTE!! That means that you're a GUUUH!!
Me: Huh? I'm a what? A "guuh?"
Bruise: No! You're a DUDETTE!! A GUUH!! NOT A GUY!!! You're not a BOY!
Me: Ohhhhhh!!!! I'm a GIRL! Yes ... I AM a girl!

Yup, Bruise is VERY aware of who's a girl and who's a boy. It's really very funny to me.

... And, I really wish that I didn't have to say this ... but it appears that I do ... BUT this is my blog. I reserve the right to moderate posts. I deserve the right to not be insulted on my own blog and If this means that I will, in the future, have to make my blog private, I will.

I believe that, in order to show respect for others, I accept that not everyone will have the same beliefs, especially in regard to religion, as I do. And I refuse to belittle them for that. I ask for the same respect from others.


Yes, if you read that and were all, "Huh? What's that about?" Don't worry about it.
It is related to the post from, what, Monday? I think it was Monday.
Someone has issues with my choice of what I read. And has issues with Joseph Smith. And seems to think that the most effective way to handle this is to try to make me feel bad for being what and whom I am.

Yes, it is annoying. And this will be the last time I will refer to it. I will not be rewarding this sort of behavior with any more attention, positive or negative.

If you really have an issue with my Church, I can send a couple of very nice people to your house to discuss it with you.

However, I will not be paying you any mind when you type at me in that manner.

(And really, everyone? Thinking that expanding one's horizons with education or reading myriad books is "Anti-Mormon?" Truly, that's a very laughable comment ... and seems to show precisely how little that individual knows about my church and the teachings of the prophets. Poor dear. ... I'm sure that he or she is less than pleased that I'm that amused by that comment. Truly, it has been VERY stressed during the last, oh, two hundred years or so, that we - as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - should get a good education. And, really, from learning about MY church, I've been better able to learn about and appreciate other religions. It's a beautiful thing to learn about all the truths that are embraced and all the wonderful and lovely people who have a different set of beliefs than I happen to have.)

And that's all I really have to say about that.

Now, I'm desperate for a nice soak in my tub with a good book. I have a few Charlaine Harris novels sitting on my nightstand, calling my name. Or there's the Pioneer Woman cookbook that I JUST picked up from the library today.

And who else thinks that I should totally watch the commentary on the DVD of Dr. Horrible? (You know that I should. Because it's going to be LEGEN... wait for it ... DARY. ^_^)

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