Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Highlights of a Playdate

So, yesterday, Bruise, Bucket and I cleaned the house a bit. (1) We were having a playdate and I couldn't remember if T and I had decided to have it at HER place or at mine, so I wanted to cover my bases (and it was too early to call her since she usually works a swing-type shift) and (2) my Mom's coming up, so a clean-ish house is a nice thing to surprise her with, right?

Then I (FINALLY) got a shower and we got ready to go. And I made sure to use my GPS since there are multiple ways to get to T's house and I wanted the shortest. This is why I love my GPS. And, really, I didn't have T's address in there. But I have my BIL's (brother-in-law) who does with his family. So it worked out pretty brilliantly. ^_^

T was SO excited to serve a snack. She had been browsing around online and found a couple cute ideas. She really loved the strawberry mice, but since strawberries aren't in season, she opted for the monster lips/apple bites. The only hard thing about making these are that the slivered almonds tend to break easily. But they're really adorable! ^_^

One of the especial highlights for me (besides getting to chat with T and her husband -- adult conversation? For me? Really?? I tend to forget how much I miss it!) was when T and I finished making the apple bites.

She called down the hall to her son ...
He runs out of his room, "Is it SNACK TIME??"

Oh, I almost wet my pants on that one.
And, yes, I made sure to ask permission to blog that.
(I can usually tell, when she calls to chat, if it's been a REALLY trying day due to if she refers to her son with that nickname ... and growls it with sincerity while he's out of earshot. ^_^ Can't say that I've never felt that way about my kiddos. I just love that she really does it. ^_^)

Her son did throw a block as he, Bruise and Bucket were playing. It hit Bucket. Near the eye. She was really okay. We iced it (and if I'd been a COOL mom, I'd have had some Children's ibuprofen there to give her. But I'm not that cool.) and put some ointment on it ... After some cuddles, Bucket was ready to play again.

T felt HORRIBLE. But, really, you can't control your kids a whole ton. I was a little worried at first since Bucket did have a little blood (nothing that you'd need any stitches with ... I hate the thought of having to go to the ER or anything for stitches. I mean, taking Bucket in to have her lip glued ... that about killed me. And she totally did that one to herself! This was NOTHING compared to that).
Truly, it was more nerve-wracking when Bucket came from the bedroom after a scream ... She ran out doing one of those "silent screams" ... You know, you can tell that they're screaming, but they run our of air and don't take a breath ... and she was doing that enough that her lips had turned purple. That got me rather concerned.

But she calmed down within a minute or two. The cut barely bled at all (as opposed to when she got her lip on the desk ... like a year ago! Or was it longer? It was April 2008. So, nearly two years ago. Phew!) ... so, yeah, we're fine.

She was feeling just about all better by the time we went home (a few hours later). And, before that, she felt fine enough to play and watch movies and to NOT want to leave. ^_^

I told her she would probably have a little bit of a shiner, to which she asked, "Why will I have a shine?" So I had to explain what a black eye was. And really, hers is not bad at all. The area under her eye is a little puffy, it's a little purple, and she has the little ... cut? Would you call it a cut? What else could you really call it?

As you can see in this picture I took before she went to bed. Just because I like to document my children's lives so. (And, like in the case of Bruce's "rocket thumb," so I can make sure it doesn't get any worse. Since I'm mentally healthy like that. ^_^)

So, here she is!

Yeah, it's not too bad at all. It's on her right eye. And it doesn't look at all bad. It's even looking better this morning. ... And, yes, she was bored of my trying to get a really good picture. So she started making faces. And this one made me laugh the most.

That girl. ^_^

But, yeah. We're all fine. Bruise had a great time playing with T's son (he has his own train table! Bruise was in HEAVEN! And there were cars and some Transformers and a giant teddy bear and a giraffe tent! What's not to adore?? ^_^ And Bucket enjoys playing with all those things, too.)

At one point, T's son asked Bucket if she'd like to play in his room. As she said that she would, I immediately announced, "Leave the door open!" And T laughed.
"Hey, I just want her to be in the habit NOW, so it's not a surprise rule when she's older."

Then Michael and I discussed that when I told him about that last night. He was a little surprised to know that I had entertained boys in my room when I was a teenager. The door was always open. I think that Frankie, my first boyfriend, had only been in my room once -- I think all we did was pick out what nail polish I should wear to his baptism. And that was before we started dating. And my Ty-Bro had been in my room before... but it's TY. Seriously, he's like my brother. So all we did was talk and make really silly jokes. ^_^
(Truly, and ANY of my friends from school would back me up on this, my room was almost CONSTANTLY in a state of COMPLETE DISASTER. This is why you all should be SO. FRICKEN'. PROUD of me when I tell you my house is pretty clean. Seriously. Just so you know.)

So ... yeah. That's most of what all happened yesterday. Cleaning, playdate, dinner, the kids' bedtime routine, and then Michael and I watched Truly, Madly, Deeply (with Alan Rickman rocking an 80s mustache).

As Alan Rickman came on screen, Michael asked me, "So, with mustache or without?"

For the record, I think that very few people's appearances are vastly improved with facial hair. I'm used to my dad either way (as I should say as a dutiful daughter of a man who won her hometown's Beard contest. My picture was in the paper with him. I was ... maybe four? The first time my name was spelled incorrectly in print. *sigh* NOT the last time. ^_^)

Also, Happy Dr. Seuss' Birthday! Go read the Cat in the Hat or What Places You'll Go! or My Many-Colored Days or The Lorax or something! ^_^

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Bonnie-Jean said...

I'd call it a micro-shiner. I'm glad you had fun... the treats were seriously cute! :) Oh, and the 'Satan's Spawn' nickname is priceless...lol. Typical T.

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