Monday, March 01, 2010

Aftermath ... ^_^

So, another catching-up type of blog ...
  • My house is still halfway clean. I helped the kids CLEAN-clean their room this morning. We still need to vacuum in there. ... I need to catch up with the dishes and laundry and clean the counters and table ... and clean off my desk. AGAIN. But, besides that, things are looking pretty good!
  • The YW Retreat went really well. I think that, from watching the YW finish up so many of the cute little knit hats on the circle looms, I may know how to make one now. Mom's bringing up a loom so that I can see how well I really paid attention. ^_^
  • My talk went pretty well. People told me they liked it. Complete strangers told Michael in the hall that they liked it. I've gotten reports that teenagers in the ward paid attention to it at REFERENCED it later (much to the shock of parents and leaders ... and ME!). So ... that's good. Kinda scary, but good. ^_^
  • Watched Lost in Austen last night. It was pretty cute. If you like Jane Austen shows, you should rent it/check it out/whatever. Even Michael says that it wasn't as horrible as he had feared (which for him, regarding Regency-era things, is HIGH PRAISE indeed. :P)
  • My HAM radio class is going well. I need to study Chapter 3 today and tomorrow, since I haven't made the time any other day this week. :( But I did decently on the quiz last week. I'd have done better if one of the answers in the Question pool in the back of the manual wasn't INCORRECT! (I still feel betrayed. *pouts*)
But, yeah. Things were kinda busy this last week -- YW Retreat, my talk for church, doing some Visiting Teaching (I didn't get to everyone. D: Oops.), and the general insanity that is Wednesdays.

I think we've given up on Bucket going to the Hip-Hop class right now. Maybe the next ballet class that Jennifer gives, we'll get involved again. <-- I don't think that's a real sentence. Hmm. Maybe it is. It's just wonky. Oh well, it's MY blog, I can write crappily-constructed sentences if I please. :P

Well ... I would try and construct wonderfully witty prose for you. But I'm really still a bit wiped out from the weekend. And the mess on my desk is seriously wigging me out. (Control freak? ME?? Nooooooo.....YES.)

That and my kids are telling me that they need to eat. Geez. I mean, really. I just fed them LAST WEEK, right? (And every day, pretty much, for their whole lives. Except for those days that they were staying other places ... like when I've been at camp and all. ^_^)

Okay. Now to get that all done and to go to a playdate. Okay. I can do this.
Oh, and I should make dinner sometime. :P

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Cynthia said...

So glad that your talk went well but I never doubted. I know how interesting and witty you can be ^_^

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