Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Dramarama of today


I deserve that sigh. After today, I think I deserve quite a few things.

How did it start? How did I find myself FREAKING THE CHICKEN OUT, then running around? How did I find myself faced with THIS?!?!???

Oh, my dears, let me tell you.

SO, there I am, at the computer while my darlings are watching Toy Story 2. Bucket comes running across the room, trips, and FACE-PLANTS into my desk! She starts screaming and I pick her up to find that her mouth's full of blood. I immediately check her teeth, thinking that she must have knocked some sweet baby tooth out of her HEAD ... but no. She's (as you can see) split her lip. Pretty seriously.

So I call Michael and, oh, thank goodness he picks up as I'm RATHER freaking out and I tell him that Bucket's hurt and I think she needs stitches ... while she's shrieking in the background. He (thank goodness) remains calm. He tells me to call up the clinic, which I do ... to talk to a wonderful receptionist (she knows the kids from their first doctor's visit. Very awesome). She sets me up with a come-in-when-you-can-and-we'll-fit-you-in appointment.

So I load up the kids. Bucket's sitting in her car seat, chatting about how she has an "owie" and that she fell down and "No, Mommy. No singing. I READING!!" as she has How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? spread across her lap and legs.
I had given her a dose of tylenol ... she's rather a trooper. Until I tell her that we're going to get her owie fixed and that there might be a shot involved.

"Nononononononono!!!!" was her reply.

We got in, and instead of stitches at the ER(which I was SO. DANG. SCARED. would happen -- they're EXPENSIVE!!!!!), we get to have the option of gluing or stitches. I opted to glue, since it would be a little faster and wouldn't involve the injection.

And when we got home, she looked like this:

Which lasted for about an hour, as Bucket peeled the glue off.

SO, I call the clinic again. The doctor's so nice that he says that we can come in and he'll do it again, no charge. The other option is to go to urgent care, spend another co-pay, and get stitches.

I gave Bucket a stern talking-to about how she is NOT to touch, poke, breathe on, or glance at this new gluing job. TWICE.

And we drove BACK into town to go to the clinic and did it again.

And I felt like a bad mom for various reasons:
- I have to pretty much ignore my poor Bruise to hold Bucket while we're gluing her lip/face back together. (What do you cal it? It's not the pink part of her lip ... it's just below it ... *shakes head*) ... but he was good as gold and sweet as anything during the second time. He just sat and played with his cars. The first time, he wanted to be held, too. Which I couldn't do.
- I couldn't prevent my baby girl from needing to be run to the doctor's office.
- I freaked out and forgot that I can call the clinic and should do so first thing for medical advice.
- My daughter may have a scar ... but, as the doctor assures me, if she does? She can always have some little plastic surgery to get rid of the scar.

SO, after we glued it back the second time (I say "we" like I really did all that much. I cuddled her while the doctor held her skin together and the nurse glued it and the doctor held it for longer so the glue'd set.), we put a bandage on it. And I told Bucket that if she touched the bandage or the glue? She'd be getting a spanking. (Which led her to freak out when the bandage fell off ... she was a little drooly. And I let her know that it's okay if it falls off by itself. I know she didn't do it. And she sat on my lap and cuddled and gave me kisses while telling me that she's sad. *sniff!*)

So now she looks like this:

And Bruise is trying to be a clown. It's totally out of focus, but very much him. He was pretty good today, playing peek-a-boo with his twin in her trials ... except when he steals her toys or water bottle, runs off with them, and lobs them over the child-gate into our bedroom. Grrr.

Good thing he's cute.

He was demanding that I take a picture with his hands in it. Funny boy.

And, in some good news, our insurance finally got the claim for when Bucket dislocated her elbow in November processed. ^_^ Instead of owing around $200, we owe about $40. That's nice ... since I still have to pay the hospital for when the babies were born. Oy.

But, really, I am ready to sleep for a week.
And to wrap my children in cotton and silk, so they cant get hurt anymore.

I hope that everyone has had a much calmer day than mine.


lacy said...

poor thing hope she is okay wow they are getting so big

lacy said...

wow allanna they are getting so big hope everthing is ok

Jennifer Davis said...

Poor girl! Both of you! I know if that were me I would have been completely stressed out! I hope she heals quickly, w/ no scar :) and leaves the glue on this time....

Sabrina looked at the pictures with me and deemed Bruise a "silly boy."

Anonymous said...

They're SO big... wow. I hope they still like me when I come home this fall... 3rd week of July Baby!

N & K Caulder said...

What is it about this week?!!! I am so sick of all the drama/chaos! I can't wait for the weekend...conference!

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