Friday, March 26, 2010

In which I WHINE ...

Okay, so one thing that peeves me off -- this health care bill that just got passed.


Yes, REALLY. And, not only haven't our congresspeople NOT read it, they voted to pass something that will NOT affect THEM ... just the REST of us.

(As you can tell.)

I mean, have we NOT learned ANYTHING from NCLB (No Child Left Behind)??????


Also, I'm on my crazy hormonal slide. So I'm yelling at my kids and ... mostly ... wanting to crawl into some private little cave to ride out the storm. Until I can be civil again. Which may or may not EVER happen. Or so it feels.

My hay fever is driving me nuts. I kept forgetting to take my nice little 24-hour pill (LOVE COSTCO and their cheapo generic OTC pills. ^_^) ... so sleeping has INTERESTING ... and, add to that my lovely monthly bout of insomnia ... and YES, I'm so awesome. Don't you totally wish you were me?????

(Wise answer, in the style of Will Smith: "Aw, HELL NO!")

(Yes, this is why you keep me around. The candor and the celebrity impersonations. Right?)

So, yeah. I'm cranky, sleepy, hopped up on fake Allegra and nasal spray, and having those d*** crazy bees in my head.
(yeah, that was really sarcastic. I'm sorry. I'm not trying to take it out on you. Sorry.)

Oh, and in the Zombie Farm game that I really like? Well, it looks like I really do have to break down and spend a dollar on it to really progress. Stupid blue tombstone. I HAVE to buy it to use the blue zombies. OR to buy the red tombstone that'll allow me to use the RED ZOMBIES (which I haven't earned anyways, yet. I'm still just at level 10. I mean, yeah. 99 cents is not all that much ... but Michael thinks it's ridiculous, paying real money for digital goods .... and really, it is. But .... I'm complicated. *sigh* And crazy). So ... yeah. That's that.

I have a pile of books that I'm eager to read ... but I keep getting distracted ... and I have lots of other things that need to get done .... *sigh* My own dang fault for procrastinating ... Oh well.

Yeah. Don't you LOVE me when I'm all nuts? I've taken a dose of Valerian. .... I wonder how much you could take (THEORETICALLY) before it had a BAD effect? Hmmm.

But, yeah. That's really what's up right now.

And I still haven't tried to dig up those dang blackberry canes that want to take over the yard. *sigh*

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