Monday, March 15, 2010

Ponderings and Symphony of Science

Okay, I may be geeking-out a little here ... but I have to say that I really adore the "Symphony of Science" videos, autotune and all.

Here's the newest one:

I can't explain PRECISELY why I love these videos so ... but they just make me happy. They make me feel like things are right with the world.

Lots of people declare that religion and science are complete opposites ... that to accept ONE seems to mean completely disregarding the other. That, say, if you are a scientist, you cannot believe anything based on faith. Because science is all based on empirical evidence. And you cannot observe things by faith. ... And, going with that same train of thought, anyone who accepts things by faith must be a brainwashed, simpering idiot. Because, if you're going to believe in something that you cannot observe, then you have to believe in anything and everything that is unscientifical.

However, as you know, I don't follow that school of thought. I truly do believe that religion and science do support each other. In beautiful and subtle ways.

One thing that I love, as I learn more and more, is how all knowledge becomes more and more intertwined -- that mathematics is the basis for music or how so many stories are based on the same ideas or tropes, even stories taken from cultures half a world away. It makes me happy to know that knowledge supports (and is supported by) knowledge in other areas.

And, I find that this is so -- not just in academic learning -- but also in religion.

Yesterday, in Relief Society, as we were talking about the Creation, it struck me. The first step taken in creating the earth was to organize matter. It's not that *BOOM* from nothing SOMETHING appeared ... And it reminded me of science classes that I had taken (gulp!) a decade or more ago -- that matter is not created or destroyed.

Now, I may be a bit of an anomaly... I never put it past myself ... but I do believe in intelligent design. I also believe that living organisms can and do evolve. And, really, I don't see why there's such a huge rift between those who accept Creationism and those who accept Evolutionist theory. I think that there's room for both. (Of course, I'm also the type who feels, really deep inside, that the world would be such a better place if people just could set aside their differences and JUST. FREAKING. GET. ALONG. ... But that, again, might just be me.)

Still, going back to the video above, there are sound bites that I just ... they just resonated with me:
  • "I don't feel frightened by not knowing things. I think it's much more interesting" - Richard Feynman
  • "The story of humans is the story of ideas that shine light into dark corners" - Jill Tarter
I think that's one reason why I enjoy learning ... I mean, yes, I keep becoming more and more aware of how little I really do know ... Still, I get the opportunity to witness how intertwined knowledge and truth are; how intricate the connections between science and religion are.

It's a beautiful thing. It makes me happy. I feel more and more at peace and at ease.
And I just wish that everyone had a chance to notice this ... to share in it.
Because ... well ... if they could, just for a minute ... I think it might resonate with them, too.
And the world would be a better place for it.


Now, I don't say that everyone needs to be a member of my own faith. There's truth in all religions (at least all religions that I've learned about) -- and, from my limited experience in life, I've found that people who believe in SOMETHING seem to be happier than those who have no belief in anything that cannot be proved through experiments here.

If you are an atheist, that's fine. I accept that. Same as I would if you were Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Southern Baptist, Catholic, Muslim, Wiccan, ... you name it.

I'm not going to tell you that you're wrongwrongwrong ... and I only ask for the same esteem in return. It's cool to be different. It's something that makes life not boring.

Besides, if you're my friend, I like YOU for you ... not because of what you choose to do or to believe (though, honestly, you might get bonus points for your talents ^_^), but because of who you are. And, probably, because you make me laugh. I love people who make me laugh. ^_^

(And if you are going to tell me that I'm wrongwrongwrong, that I'm going to Hell to be with the murderers, child abusers, puppy-kickers, and people who talk and text in the theater; that by being a member of my church I'm automatically stupid, banal, asinine and probably faked my way through college -- since THOSE KINDS of people are against any form of education ... Well ... I'm not promising anything, but I will confess that you do lose a bit of credibility for showing so little respect. I am willing to discuss my beliefs. I'm less willing to be insulted over them. Especially if I don't already know and adore you in real life. Just keeping it real.)

Still, don't you love Symphony of Science? If you like the songs, you can download them for free (except "A Glorious Dawn ... That one's available through iTunes). Or the videos! ^_^ I like that they share the cool stuff. ^_^

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