Monday, March 01, 2010

Welcome Troll! Goodbye Troll!

Okay, I'm glad that I moderate the comments on my blog ... since I got a little bit of a doozie.

And, wow. It was submitted as a comment on my previous post (about favorite sports), so it really makes NO sense in its context.

I won't publish the commenter's webpage (since I don't care to give him or her any hits for this kind of behavior -- and also to protect him or her from any irate readers on my behalf ... since I know that you love me so. ^_^)

I'm disappointed by your book list. I expected an open mind. Instead you seek out books to confirm your own bias. You might as well let the Church correlation department rate your reads. It's a pity that your mind is limited to the absurdity of your own religion. So sad.
Wow ... just wow.

At first, I was just a little ... flabbergasted that someone would make that kind of comment. I TRY not to be offensive. And, gosh, but I DO love my religion.

And then I was all, "Dude, really? Of all the things you could nitpick about me, you pick my book list first? Really?" And then I started snickering into my fist.

It'd be like someone telling Mother Teresa that she'd be SO much more effective if she just put on a coat of lipstick ... Really, it's kind of absurd.

Now, here's where I might get a little high and mighty ... The liberal side is all about preaching tolerance for others ... AS LONG AS YOU ARE PRACTICING WHAT THEY SUPPORT.
Yes, we must respect everyone's differences -- UNLESS you are white, Mormon, straight, or a native of the United States.
Really, that's how it comes across a lot.

It kind of makes me laugh in a way.

And, yes, I know that I'm being so hypocritical ... I'm less than tolerant of some others of God's children. As I'm talking about tolerance. And I'm completely aware of this as I talk about it. I acknowledge my failings in regards to this.

Still, instead of being offended and hurt (probably what this troll's goal is), I'm mostly amused.

Because telling me that my list of things that I READ is biased. ... Well, it strikes me more as FUNNY than as offensive.
(I'm not going to argue this fact. It probably is. Because life is short and I really don't have the time, what with motherhood, being a homemaker, a volunteer, and an active member of my church, to WASTE time on books that I don't want to read. There are MANY books out there that just do not make my TBR pile. And anti-religion ones are on there. And, yes, I do like to read books that support my faith. Are all the religious books that I read written only by LDS authors? Ha! No! I LOVE C.S. Lewis, Madeline L'Engle ... and I review books for Thomas Nelson ... which is NOT LDS-specific. Yes, I DO like to buy and read books from Deseret Book. I plodded my way through Pullman's Golden Compass trilogy. Even though the final book was SO anti-religion, especially anti-Catholicism. ... I could argue that I've read a wide selection of books. Including some VERY secular types. But I won't.)

You can tell me that my religion (or ANY religion) is absurd. And I'll probably just raise an eyebrow and try to hide a smile. I won't try and cram the validity of faith down your throat. That isn't respectful to you or me. I really hate to Bible-bash. I respect your right to your own opinion and only ask for the same respect in return. I don't expect that EVERYONE will agree with my every opinion. That's not at all reasonable.

However, as much as you try and bash my religion, my faith, and my confidence ... well, you won't win. I have my testimony. I may not exercise it as much as I should. But I KNOW that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. I KNOW that Jesus Christ came to earth to teach us how to return to our Heavenly Father. I KNOW that He suffered for the sins of all mankind -- everyone who ever has lived or will live -- to enable us to repent and return to our Heavenly Father's presence. I KNOW that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, a man called of God. I KNOW that we have a living prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson. I KNOW that he is inspired by God as he leads this church. I KNOW that these things are true.
You can mock me all you want. You can mock my faith. You can mock the Church, the prophets, our beliefs. That does not change what I know.

And, troll, I still love you. I may shake my head in amusement and a little pity at this situation (even though to say it that way makes me sound oh-so high and mighty -- and you and I both know that I am just a person. I'm falliable. I have issues). Still, regardless, you are a daughter or a son of God. And He loves you. As I should ... and I will work to do as best as I can. ^_^

But, truly, we can just agree to disagree on my book list and the topic of my religion and my faith.

Because it'd be much nicer to be your friend. And I'm willing to do so. But friendship is based on mutual respect ... So ... *shrugs* ... yeah. I'm just not feeling it right yet.

(I could close this with echoing "So sad." But that just seems a little vengeful and juvenile. So I won't. But, in all honesty, the thought DID cross my mind. Thought I'd be honest about that. *embarrassed grin* ... See? Told you I still have LOTS of progress before I'm really saintly.)

Yeah, this comment didn't get published on the post that it was submitted. Since this is MY blog and I have that right. ... But I figured that it did warrant some discussion.
(And I figured that you might be interested in knowing EXACTLY how I reacted to this. Since I try to do nothing but keep it real. ^_^)

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