Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Report

I didn't get any pictures of myself as a sparkly vampire for the ward Halloween party. Sorry! Perhaps someone else managed that (and they might speak up). It wasn't anything really amazing.
Also - when I first put in my fangs, I LISP A LOT. I'm not exactly threatening when I sound like "Allanna with a speech impediment." Just sayin'.

Bucket was in A MOOD at the Halloween party. And then Bruise did NOT want to leave. *sigh* It was great to see everyone there and to see everyone's costumes.

We skipped most of the Halloween activities that we COULD have done. Friday was spent cleaning the house and relaxing. Bruise and Bucket got to go with the grandparents (Mom and Dad C) to sleep over at their cousins' house. Bruise was up until midnight ... and he was the first of the "big kids" to fall asleep. Bucket was the last, staying up until around 1 in the morning.

Michael and I thought about going out to see a movie (and, if we did, I was leaning toward Cirque du Freak. I love me some comedy ... and since Zombieland's rated R [Stupid losers, making movies that I WANT to watch SO BAD but can't/won't. Grr. And I'm looking at YOU, Repo: The Genetic Musical. Hello?? Giles? Singing? Sarah Brightman? Singing? *sigh* If ANYONE EVER gets an edited copy, CALL ME!!!!!!!]) it's the best option out there for me. But it'd have been almost 10 before the movie started, so we rented "Drag Me to Hell" (which was kinda lame. Until you realize that THAT's the point, so it's CAMPY instead) and "Spirit" (which we wanted to see because 1- it looked good and 2-It's got the visual style of "Sin City," which we didn't see since it was rated R. *SIGH*) ... and Spirit was GOOOOOOD. I NEEEEEEED it.
The visual style is GREAT. I love Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johanson as the villans (and their henchmen clones??? Hee!!!) ... and the fact that a character is named Sans Serif totally makes my day ... heck MOST of the names were great!!

Bruise and Bucket got back in the morning in time to go trick-or-treating downtown (first time we've done that! It was pretty cool!) and then to visit Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma ... then home to shower the red hair spray out of Bucket's hair (she was touching her hair and then her face --- so her face was streaked with red ... or the fact that ANYTHING coming in contact with her head got all red) and then putting the kids down for a nap.

After the nap, we got Bucket dressed for trick-or-treating at the mall (Bruise opted to stay home with Grandma and Grandpa), which she loved. She got REALLY good at saying "Thank you" to all the people who gave out candy.

Then we went home where I costumed up Bruise and took him and Bucket (and Mom C) over to our neighbor's, since she is TOTALLY SWEET and loves it when we bring the kids over for Trick-or-treating ... or just chatting across the street as we see each other. ^_^

Then we had family over for a game night. The kids didn't get to bed until about 10 that night. But they did take a good nap today. *phew!*

I need to re-melt the plastic on my "scary teeth" as the kids have deemed my fangs... so that they fit better. But, hey, they seem to work pretty well. As long as I don't drool too much as I wear them. *sigh*

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