Monday, November 09, 2009

Gratitude Challenge - Day 9

Assignment: Enjoy the people around you. Take a moment to appreciate their unique abilities and personalities.

On a normal day, this would be limited to my immediate family. But, thanks to being VT, I have a larger list today.

  • Dianne is one of the first people who befriended me when the wards boundaries were rearranged. I always feel so blessed that she took me under her wing. She's wicked-creative and marvelously funny. I always feel better when I talk to her. She's even given me BOOKS!! I mean, if I hadn't absolutely adored her before, that would have cemented the deal. But since I already idolized her, it's just icing on the cake. ^_^ Dianne, today, invited us all over to make cards. And, gosh, she's collected FUN toys for scrapbooking. And she's supernice about sharing, too.
  • Becky is my other Visiting Teacher. I got to know her when she inherited my old YW Ward Camp Director calling ... and I was able to help mentor her through it. Again, I collect wonderfully talented people as my friends. Becky always makes me laugh -- it's just her personality. We really can't sit by each other at church (and, with our callings, we don't see each other in Sunday School or Relief Society), which is probably for everyone's benefit, since we'd probably whisper and snicker to each other the whole time. She's a writer, which impresses me.
  • Diane is another lady from church. She's involved in Scouting and VERY organized and creative, dramatically-wise. I'm actually a little intimidated by her ... though she's so nice and personable that it's hard to be wary of her at all. ^_^
  • I know it's bad, but I'm not totally sure of the names of the other two sisters who were at Dianne's today. One has a great singing voice and can play the ukelele!! The other had such an awesome costume at the ward Halloween party -- she was an ear of corn! She even had little yellow bags sewn to her shirt to be the corn kernels! Wildly impressive, no?? But they're both very nice gals.
  • Bucket, my little princess -- She's becoming quite the artist. She drew pictures yesterday, and you could recognize that she was drawing a flower. She's working had at writing her name and leaning to spell words. She's really mastered some sight words. She's driven to succeed. When she's not driving me crazy by showing her mastery of my personality flaws (which are abundant, unfortunately ^_^), she's such a loving, happy, sunbeam of a child.
  • Bruise, my boy-boy, has mastered cheerfulness and charisma. He loves to laugh and to be just a wee bit dramatic. He's all about imaginative play. And I've been amazed a time or two (or more) at his view on life. He loves to help cook, when I give him the chance. He leaps at chances for independence ... on his own terms. He's a snuggler and very sweet.
  • My dad (since he called) ... I've had an interesting relationship with my dad, I'll admit. I think my dad is more lonely than he likes to let on ... which leads him to be a social creature whenever the opportunity occurs. He enjoys listening to television shows and learning (if he's heard something that he didn't know about, he'll often ask me to tell him about it ... which is why I think he appreciates my 'net skillz almost as much as I do. :P). He enjoys being a grandfather ... and, I think, he wishes that he had more opportunity to be in that role.
  • My mom (who also called) is just 31 flavors of amazing. She's a nurturer, which fits very well with the career path she just retired from. She loves teaching and loves her family. She would have made an excellent First Lady, if she ever wanted to be in the spotlight (which she avoids as much as she can). She's a powerhouse.
  • Michael - He's just ... I know you might be sick of hearing it, but it's true ... perfect for me. He is patient with me when I'm all hormonal and my head is full of angry bees. He gets my sense of humor. He works hard to provide for us. He's protective of me ... and my friends (which is absolutely darling to me). He loves our children (and have I mentioned that he's got some DANG good DNA? 'Cause it's totally true). He respects the priesthood that he holds and is wonderfully organized and ... just amazing. He's a million to the nth (where n is greater-than-or-equal-to infinity) wonderful things wrapped up into my husband. Seriously, I lucked out when I got him. Majorly lucked out.
Yup, I have awesome people for friends. So, really, if you're reading this, by default, YOU are completely awesome, too. Even if I didn't mention you by name.
It doesn't change the fact that you're just too cool for school and full of jiggy-ness-essence.
Don't deny it.

Because I will refuse to believe you if you try.
And this IS my blog, so it's my perogative to declare that you're awesome.
As I have written it, so let it be. ^_^

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