Monday, November 09, 2009

You like me! You really like me!!

So, my friend Katie IMed me to let me know that one of her friends gave me an award!

Wow! I'm really flattered ... and bewildered (but in a good way!).

Her friend, presciousmama, recieved the Kreativ Blogger award...

(see? Here it is! Pretty, isn't it??)

... and I was one of the bloggers that she passed it along to. Wasn't that totally sweet of her?
(Answer: YES. I'm so tickled about this! ... Seriously, I just TILTED MY HEAD to try and wrap my brain around the idea!)

Here are the rules for this award:
Recipients-You are charged with completing certain guidelines once receiving this award.
  1. 1) Copy the pretty picture and post it on your blog. [Check!]
  2. 2)Thank the person that gave it to you and link to their blog. [In progress...]
  3. 3)Write 7 things about yourself we don't know. [This will be below the rules.]
  4. 4)Choose 7 other bloggers you would like to pass the award to. [Also down below...]
  5. 5)Link to those 7 other bloggers. [Ditto.]
  6. 6)Notify your 7 bloggers. [As soon as I post this! Hold your horses! :P]

But, like I mentioned above, I'm ... a little overwhelmed that preciousmama (CUTE name, by the by) elected me to have this award. I can't stop grinning like an idiot. Thank you. Thank you very much. What a sweet way to brighten my (already wonderful but now even nicer) day.

Okay ... now for the rest of the requirements ... Seven (hopefully new) things about me.
  1. I don't eat green olives. Mostly because I THINK that I ate one YEARS AGO (we're talking DECADES) and I remember not liking it. I also tried a purplish-colored one at the Camas Room (the only gourmet restaurant that I've been to). It wasn't very good.
  2. I don't remember learning to read very much. But I remember shocking my poor mom by picking up a romance novel off of the piano bench and starting to read it out loud to her. (Thinking back on it, she was probably just reacting mostly to the reading material. It was a bit different from "Bad Bear," I'll admit.
  3. I think that yeast (when it's active) smells AMAZING. Which is why it's GREAT when I bake my own bread or cinnamon rolls. Because it just smells SO GOOD.
  4. I like to bake cakes and things from scratch when I have enough time. It doesn't take that much more time, really ... and you get to totally customize the flavor. Though, sometimes, raw Betty Crocker (or Duncan Heinz) cake batter just tastes SO GOOD.
  5. I don't think that I do all that well at making frosting, though. Maybe I'm just too used to all the chemicals in there. *shrug*
  6. *returns from changing loads in the washer and dryer* Sometimes I like doing laundry. When there's a stain, it's like alchemy -- a little bit of Zout, some OxiClean, some color-safe bleach, scrub it all in with an old toothbrush, run through a load ... and VOILA! No stains! (Okay, it's like chemistry, really ... but without the possibility of ending up with any gold. And sometimes, really, I'd take the stained clothes and some gold nuggets.)
  7. sometimes I fart. And I really, really wish that I didn't. Because farts are kinda gross. ... Even though it's kinda hilarious when my kids do it.
And now to pass the award forward... I hereby elect these bloggers to receive the Kreativ Blogger award!
  1. My Bri - My little sister from another mister (No, not biologically, though her family is AWESOME, too). She scrapbooks, does photography, paints nails, and does hair like nobody's business. (Well, except for that fact that, really it IS her business ... the doing hair-stuff). And she's on the radio ... Yup, she's amazing.
  2. My Pie (LaDonna) - No, really. Pie is her real-life nickname. My funny, funny Theater-major friend from college ... and my words, y'all, you should have SEEN her personification of a cockroach costume (think teenage trailer park pregnancy posterchild. It was GENIUS!). ... If you go to her blog, go look at her family's Halloween costumes. Oh, my. Too funny!!
  3. Since there's no rule AGAINST double-dipping, I have to nominate my Katie. Seriously, she's awe-inspiring. She makes quilts, cooks feats, AND dresses with such style, I'm almost ashamed to show my face out of the bathroom. She's a freaking powerhouse. AND with double the amount of children that I have!! (However, she has the right to only post about her first nomination. Because, face it, she's got plenty on her plate. ^_^)
  4. My ARTIST friend (her works are in GALLERIES!), the ever-wonderous Cristall. Not only does she paint gorgeous pictures, but she's a good cook too! (Another reason I miss being her neighbor *sad face*) She also has great taste in music and is an excellent walking buddy. Just so you know. ^_^ You should seriously go to her blog and see what she's been painting recently. (I <3>
  5. My Cynthia. Just go look at her Jack-o-lanterns! She's just so fun! And if you haven't experienced the joy of passing notes with her, you're really missing out! And she makes some mean Belgian fries, too. ^_^ And she can give GREAT book recommendations, to boot! (Speaking of boots, she's got EXCELLENT taste in shoes, too!)
  6. Dianne, of course. She's killer with her Bosch mixer (try her cookies!! Yummmmm!) AND she makes cards and scrapbooks that are gorgeous! AND she takes great photos, too! (She took some GORGEOUS ones of our family ... so pretty! If you have a hankering for some pretty pictures and you live locally, I think that I could get you her number. ^_^)
  7. Sandra. She's another of my neighbor-friends from when we were living in our apartment. Sanda's out there achieving her dream of being a fashion designer. And, hey, you could go check out her blog and (if you want) buy something she's designed. She's a lovely, lovely person and I miss her and her cheery nature. But she's married and working, so that's much better, right? ^_^
Okay, now to post this bad boy and notify my peeps!

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