Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gratitude Challenge - Day 5

Assignment: Take five minutes to write about how grateful you are for all the wonderful things that you currently have in your life. Don't long for what you don't possess -- instead, take stock of al the blessings you already enjoy.

Right now, with all the hype about the swine flu/H1N1 going around, I'm VERY grateful that my family is healthy. You can't just throw some cash at a virus and have it go away immediately ... So, yes, being healthy is a BIG thing.

I'm grateful that, in case anyone does get sick, that my family has health insurance. Yes, paying for the kids and me to be covered (since Michael's covered as part of his benefits), is expensive. It's as expensive as our car payment. But it's nice to know that, should anything happen, we don't have to worry about bankrupting ourselves to pay for a visit at the clinic.

I'm grateful for my hands -- that I have all ten fingers, that I can type (and that, thanks to the internet/blogging/emailing/chatting, I can actually type rather quickly.), that I can brush the hair out of my daughter's face (or, you know, actually do her hair -- thanks to videos on YouTube and blogs that other, cooler moms write), that I can tickle my son, shelve books at the best volunteering gig ever, mix ingredients to cook and bake for my family, to be able to clean my own house (although I should, in all reality, do it more often/more thoroughly) ...

I'm grateful for my body. It may not be perfect, but it works. I can carry my kids to bed, heft the folding tables at church, carry bags of library books, help pack and move my friends in and out. I never think of myself as all that strong. I used to be in better shape. However, as my friend Bonnie-Jean put it, "She's stronger than she looks." I see girls my height or taller that seem flabberghasted at what I can lift or carry. ... Truly, I think I sum it up well in that I'm not as strong as I am stubborn.

I'm grateful for my mom. I'm so glad that she comes up every week to watch the kids so I can go volunteer at my library. I'm humbled that she works so hard to support our family by helping teach Bruise and Bucket so that they'll be prepared for school.

I'm grateful for knowledge and learning. I'm glad that we have the internet and working computers in our home so that more knowledge is only a few clicks or keystrokes away. Learning helps me to feel like I'm still interesting, still growing. And, when I'm able to use that knowledge, I feel useful.

I'm grateful for my family. Before I met Michael, I almost wondered if I'd EVER find someone who would really love me ... and who'd love me for forever and be able to take me to the temple and would want to have kids and grow old together. And, somehow, miraculously, I got my Michael -- he makes me laugh, is a great father, husband and friend. He even puts up with the fact that I really have little-to-no interest in sports, poor guy. And he helps make some beautiful children.
I'm grateful for my Bruise-boy. Having him is a small balm for my soul. I'm glad that he's named after wonderful men in our family ... and that he's living up to those namesakes. I'm so glad that he loves me and shows it so openly and unbidden. I love that he finds life fun and humorous. He's such a sunny little boy.
I'm grateful for my PrincessBunnyBucket-girl. She gives me more than a passing glimpse of what I was like (personality-wise) as a child. I am glad that she is driven and is self-assured. I hope and pray that she doesn't lose her self-confidence (I seem to have misplaced most of mine somewhere in those awkward teenage years). I love how creative and energetic she is.

I'm grateful that my children are taking a nap. This nap enabled me to finish today's writing goal. I love that Bruise fell asleep against me as I read to them before putting them down for a nap. I'm glad that Bucket didn't fight this nap.

I'm grateful that we have two working vehicles.
I'm grateful that we pay our tithing and have been blessed by it (see the statement immediately above).

... This has been more than five minutes. And I feel like I haven't really even gotten started. I'm grateful for that. It lets me know that I have lots of things that I'm grateful for. That's a good feeling.

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Our Army Life said...

I need to list down my 'thankful fors' I'll do it before Thanksgiving. I like your daily challenge, it's great and uplifting... Thanks!

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