Sunday, November 01, 2009

Crazy Dream Chronicles, Part ... Whatever-teen!

The other night my dream was just ... odd.

I was at another church. It was kind of like the old church I attended as a little girl (before we were LDS) ... but mixed with my Jr. High cafeteria. But there was this huge revival and there were signs that wouldn't have existed in real life ... or at our old church (Small town and people there knew me and my grandfolks, so they'd never make those signs in the first place). There was one that had some simplistic sillouette of my face and said "Allanna's prayers are SAID but not HEARD" and another one about how Mormons aren't good people or something.

And, well, I got kinda ticked off about that. So I went up to the podium and started bearing my testimony and telling them that, NO, Jesus loves EVERYONE. And if He didn't, then the tenants of Christianity make NO SENSE and explaining about WHY Jesus was crucified and ressurected.
And, obviously, I offended enough people that about 80% of that really crowded room walked out.

And then I was walking with one of the boys from the crowd. And he liked what I had said. And I was, like, 16 again. And we were walking to a fair where I was supposed to be working because nobody liked me, but then I told them that I was blowing them off because I had a DATE ... and they were all SHOCKED because, dude, who'd EVER go on a date with ME!

And this guy and I were walking and talking ... and he's all, "I'm going to live a long time because I eat lots of salads everyday."
And I started bawling, "I eat hamburgers all the time! I'm gonna die!!!!"

Yeah, if there's some deep meaning in this, I really don't know what it is. Besides the fact that hamburgers aren't all that healthy for you. And that I should eat more salad. And that I obviously have some hidden cache of courage to expound doctrine to people who offend me.
And that, maybe, I wish I were 16 again.
And that, dude, I SO TOTALLY CAN get myself a man.
Just sayin'.
(Since I am married and all ... It shouldn't be a huge surprise to you or anything.)

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