Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gratitude Challenge - Day 14

Assignment: It's been two weeks wince you started The Gratitude Challenge. Write about how The Challenge has changed your perspective thus far.

I do think that accepting this challenge has helped me ... especially with all the ... hullabaloo that's gone on this month. ^_^

It has truly helped to be able to (to have a reason to) focus on the GOOD things, the NICE things, the HAPPY things in my life, rather than just seeing all the things that are going wrong.

Truly, this has been the calmest that I've EVER been about my computer not working. Really. The last couple times that I've lost information on or access to my computer, I've been pretty inconsolable for DAYS. This time, however, I was kinda surprised at how easily I was able to take this in stride.

The "check engine light" coming on in the van? Meh. It's still working (and, after taking it to Auto Zone -- great place, by the by -- it's nothing that'll cause the van not to work. It should turn off soon, since it's just from the gas attendant not tightening the gas cap enough after pumping the gas) and it'll continue to work.

I feel ... more ... mature/calm/capable. It's strange. I mean, I'm still ME. But I'm a better me. i'm less focused on myself and what all is WRONG right now. I mean, yeah, I really could use more money, a working computer, cars in better condition ... But those are not the be-all-end-all in life.

I'm realizing that some of the things that I've used as a distraction from life are really time-suckers. When my computer's up and running again, I think I'll be giving up most of my Facebook games. I also need to work LOTS harder at creating that habit of daily prayer and scripture study (and not scripture SKIMMING, which is what I usually find myself doing *sigh*).

But I'm glad that I accepted this challenge. And I'm glad that I waited to start it until the first of this month. It really was the right time. Even though I could have started it earlier, this is really the right time for me. ... I still have another week of this to do, but I highly recommend it.

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