Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude Challenge - Day 18

Assignment: For the past three days, you have focused on appreciating what makes you unique. Write about all the things that make you so lovable. Take a moment to appreciate your personal style, talents, and charm.
  • I laugh easily. I find lots of humor in life.
  • I can cry easily, too. But I much more prefer to laugh.
  • I try to be honest ... but I also work not to hurt people's feelings.
  • I'm really good at shelving books. Fast. And accurately. This is one reason why my people at MY library love me so. (That and I have cute kids that I bring to visit them. ^_^)
  • I write with inflection ... just like how I talk. Sometimes that doesn't always work in my favor. (Darn those writing standards essays in high school!)
  • People find me creative. I don't neccessarily agee ... but I do have a rather singular view on life.
  • I can quote movies. LOTS of movies.
  • I can sing. I have decent pitch. I don't mind singing in public ... I prefer singing in a choir (especially now when I don't sing nearly as often as I used to).
  • People tell me that I give good talks. That's usually because I use LOTS of quotes. Because lots of other people have said things better that I would. ^_^ And I don't mind THEM getting the credit. They deserve it.
  • I'm very sentimental. I have acute attacks of nostalgia.
  • I eat my vegetables.
  • I have a nearly-insatiable sweet tooth.
  • If given the chance, I would easily stay in bed all day, reading.
  • I'm better at paying attention to books than to movies nowadays. Why is that?
  • I try and consider other people's feelings.
  • I like to dance. And to watch dancing.
  • I'm rather good at baking, if I do say so myself.
  • It appears that I have a good memory ... sometimes.
I'm pretty alright, if I do say so myself.

And, hey, you can always jump in and comment. :P

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