Monday, November 16, 2009

Why my kids are cute ...

Since Mother Nature and I are not on speaking terms (the little harlot with her little gifts ... like INSOMNIA), the kids and I are watching DVDs in bed while I work at garnering the energy to make breakfast.

Bucket had checked out My Little Pony's Biggest Tea Party Live! (Exclamation point included), which is a recording of a stage show with people in costumes. The ponies look like giant marionettes, but without strings and with someone inside the front legs.

When she had picked out the DVD at the library a few days ago, I had remarked that the ponies looked scary. So, as I put it in the player this morning, she said, "Oh, we get to watch the scary show, Mom?"

And just when I thought that my kids didn't ever listen to me!

Also, yesterday, when the kids went down for a nap, I went to bed to read and sleep (since, as I mentioned, Mother Nature has blessed me with that monthly gift which includes a crapload of insomnia ... which is very annoying to my dear husband. Truly, I'd like to fall asleep earlier. *sigh*) and, when Bruise woke up before his sister, he watched the newer (live-action) The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe with Michael. And, when Michael asked him about the story, Bruise actually showed good recall of the story.

... Except when Michael asked why Aslan went to the stone table. Instead of saying that he was making a sacrifice or something, Bruise's answer was, "'Cause I SAY so."

Also, Bucket tells me that I'm a princess. Very sweet of her.

And, yesterday, when I was putting their clothes away, Bruise told me, "Mommy, you NICE."

(cue: Awwwwww!!)

It's stuff like this that makes up for some of the stuff I deal with. ^_^

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Satina said...

It is nice when we can have those sweet moments that make all the others worthwile. I deal with the insomnia too, big time. So I feel your pain. I ahven't been by your blog in a while (haven't been by anyones) so it was nice to "catch up"! And yes, I would agree about all the nice things you said about yourself in the other post, especially the nice eyes part. I've always thought so. And I wouldn't share with Paris if I were you...LOL!

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