Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gratitude Challenge - Days 20 and 21

Assignment: As the challenge winds down, write a thank you note to yourself. Thank yourself for taking the time to stop and focus on all the little things for which you feel grateful.

Okay, self, you heard 'em. Thanks!
Now get back to work.


I am glad that I've done this challenge. Especially this year. It's good that I kicked myself into gear and did this.

Day 21 Assignment: Reflect on the 21 days of the Gratitude Challenge and what this process has meant to you.

I think that it's been a read godsend that I did this project when I did. I don't really know how else I'd handle the truck and my computer breaking down during the same week without going stark raving INSANE.

I mean, I could focus on the fact that my children seem hell-bent on sending me to the mental ward (or perhaps Hell. Just sayin'.) ... But doing this challenge has helped me to look past most of the daily crap and see some of the really good stuff. (Gosh, I'm so eloquent! :P)

Today hasn't been my best of days ... I'm VERY irritated that the kiddos will not take a nap. And they haven't for a few days. ... And don't try and tell me that it's because they don't need it. Believe me, THEY DO. You should see how cranky they are when they don't take it. ... My home isn't a very serene place at present.

But there's always tomorrow. And, from doing this project, I'm better able to focus on the fact that the crap-stuff is temporary. And that it will pass and things will get better. And all I really have to do is to just get through the bad stuff. Like in Firefly (Wow, I really quote Firefly a LOT, don't I?), "You're stronger than this thing, honey ... This is a moment in time. Step out of it and let it happen."

And, yeah. ....

So, I've done it. I've made it through the Gratitude Challenge. Let's hope that it made me a better person and all that.

I'm tired, though. Really tired today. I'm gonna lay down and read now.

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