Thursday, October 11, 2007


So, I'm finally getting around to getting Michael's and my voter's registration ready to send off. (that means I finally FOUND it in one of the piles on my desk AND I addressed them. I know, crazy, huh? I'm going to break a nail or something!)

BUT I want to make sure that I'm putting myself down for the right political party.
So, what do I do?

I turn to our trusted friend, Mr. Internet!

According to one test, I'm a Centralist.
Great. Not an option on the registration. AND I'd like to be able to vote in the primaries and all ... Oh, politics is HARD! Let's bake cookies for the boys!!**

(** -- You remember the talking Barbie, out around a decade ago? YES, that is a reference to what a certain toy company had her "allegedly" say. Yeah. you can totally Google it! HERE!)

SO ... I took another quiz.
You are a

Social Conservative
(30% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(18% permissive)

You are best described as a:

Totalitarian (18e/30s)

Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

... Where I find that politically, I'm best friends with Pope John Paul (I think) and Darth Vader.

THEN, according to this test, I score mostly Liberal (slightly more Conservative than Bill Clinton, slightly less conservative than Colin Powell.)

According to yet ANOTHER test, I'm a moderate Authoitarian, leaning to social Republicanism ... my best match is Gerald Ford.

On yet another test:
On Non-Fiscal Issues, you rank as a Centrist (45).
On Fiscal Issues, you rank as a Moderate Liberal (38).

(On a scale where 0 is completely liberal and 100 is totally conservative.)

Progressive/Conservative Score: 1 - Conservative
Capitalist Purist/Social Capitalist Score: 10 - Social Capitalist
Libertarian/Authoritarian Score: 9 - Authoritarian-leaning
Pacifist/Militarist Score: 5 - Defense Moderate

You are a Collectivist


I think I'll just put Republican.
I like Mitt Romney. It'll please my stepdad.

But if Mitt Romney can't run ... Obama's looking pretty cool.
But Maybe I've been listening to Hank and John too much.
Nah. Not possible.

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N & K Caulder said...

I'm a totalitarian too according to that little quiz. Fun.

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