Friday, October 05, 2007

Bonus Story #2 - How I Fell for Mr. Husband - Before I knew I was going to like Michael

Now, I am making good on posting some stories. Enjoy!!

First, I have to confess that I'm not a perfect person. (Shocker, huh??) And, being as imperfect as I am, I have a things against guys who are too perfect. If a guy's too perfect, I can't like him. I can't live up to that perfection.

This is why Michael might not be PERFECT in a sense, but ... oh, my dears, he is perfect for me.

STORY 1 - Jason's party.

Jason's a mutual friend. And he's the cousin of one of my best friends.
He had a kegger. A very-Mormon kegger. With root beer. (Just this idea of a Mormon kegger makes me snicker. It was a blast!)

It was Jason's birthday. And we played games. NOT Wink 'Em. THANK GOODNESS.

I came with T (Jason's cousin), the guy I was seeing (A) and his apartment.
As we were sitting in a wide circle in Jason's apartment, we played "What If."

Rules for What If ... if you didn't already know them.
1. Pass out small papers. Everyone writes a question on their paper. Collect all questions.
2. Shuffle questions. Pass them out. You shouldn't have the question you just wrote.
3. Pass out new papers. Each person has to write an answer to the question they received. Collect answers.
4. Pass out answers. You cannot have the answer you just wrote.
5. Going in a circle, each person will read the question they received, then answer it wtih the answer they received. Hilariosity ensues.

Well, it was going all fine and dandy ... until the second round. Poor Jason had received the question "What if Allanna worked at Hooters?"

I, without thinking, glance at my (rather ample) breastables and quip, "Well, I certainly wouldn't get fired."

**Cue crickets** Oops ... these aren't my high school friends. Except for T. There's dead silence.

Then T and I glance at each other and start cracking up.

Yeah, Llanners ... way to make a good impression on all these sweet innocents, huh?

Now, you may be asking (and rightfully so) "What in the bajeebers does this have to do with Michael??!??"

And, some of you may have figured it out. Since I'm not Agatha Cristie.
But I didn't learn the truth of this until after Michael and I were engaged ... if not after we were married.

I would have lived my life in suspense ... but, thankfully, someone took pity on me and told me he wrote that question.

Yeah, MICHAEL wrote that.

Truly, he wasn't checking out my rack or anything back when I was seeing A ... no, he just came up with a great question and (as is his way when playing What If, he comes up with a question, then plugs in the name of a random person in the room) it was the luck of the draw that I was the victim in this one.

But, yeah, what an impression to make.
Especially since this was the first time I met Michael. Quick, room-wide introduction.

I do remember thinking, "He's cute. Oh well, I'm with A. *mental shrug*"

(And, for what it's worth, A was the type of guy who FREAKED THE HELEN OUT when anyone said the word "boob" around him. Good times. Good times.)
(But you see yet another reason we'd never have worked out, besides the fact that he told me I was cute and all ... but he'd received revelation that he and I weren't going to work out. NOT that I'm knocking revelation ... It just was a hilarious [in hindsight] way to tell a girl that y'all have no future. ... At the time I felt like saying, "Okay. Cool. How's about you twist that knife juuuuuuuuuust a smidge to the left. Ah! Yup, THERE'S my heart. KTHXBYE!")

So, yes. You've had yet another peek into the chaos of my pre-married-to-Michael life.

I'm betting you're sorry you asked. Wise statement. *nods* Yes.

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