Friday, October 05, 2007

Bonus Story #3 - How I first totally FELL for Mr. Husband

Yeah, I'm on a roll ... well, when I'm not comforting my trantrumers. *sigh*

*chants* I love my children. I love my children. I will NOT devour them. Because I love them. *deep breaths*

Okay, I'm back. ^_^

SO, before our first date, I had a science assignment to go star-watching. T was going to come with me after FHE (Family Home Evening, for you non-fluent-Church-Speakers-of-LDS-termanage). Well, she invited Michael and one of his friends to come with us. Which was cool. (Especially, since if you've read the last story, you can determine how A's and my relationship was -- we were still friends, but nothing more.)

We all piled into my truck and drove out to a park near a sheep pasture. As we're checking out the magnificent heavens and I'm scribbling away at my lab papers, we start joking about telling scary stories. And start telling urban legends.

And I, as prim and demure as always, tell the urban legend of the businessman who, upon thinking his family and officemates have forgotten his birthday, take up the offer of his secretary for a lunch date. Then he go wtih her to her apartment where she goes to the next room to "slip into something a little more comfortable." He, meanwhile, strips down to nothing but his socks and a smile.

Then she returns to the living room, fully dressed, with a cake. And his officemates. And his boss. AND HIS FAMILY.

And Michael quips ....

"Guess he could have used another sock."

*peals of laughter*

Now, it took me a split second to grasp the implication of that statement.
But, as soon as I did, I liked Michael quite a whole lot more than I had seconds earlier.

If I remember correctly, this was a couple of days AFTER that polygamy date where I first, FIRST started to fall for Michael. But it was still before our first date.

Also notable, T kept trying to scare me so that I'd make good on my loudly-voiced threat to jump into Michael's lap.

Hey, it was totally dark and seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. Which is how we started telling urban legends ... like the hook-hand on the car door handle story. Classic.

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fold my laundry please said...

Hey, I'm back! We're all moved in (almost) here in Salem now. We should totally hang out sometime! Yes, I said totally, deal with it!

When Andrew and I first started dating, I hadn't been to church in a few years. He asked me to go with him one Sunday, so I got all gussied up in my Sunday best and tagged along to our local singles ward. I was sitting next to Andrew during Sunday School feeling very nervous, as though everyone around me would take one look at me and think "Inactive heathen!" Class was about to start and they were quickly looking for someone to play the piano since their regular player wasn't there that day. The teacher stood up and said, "We're looking for a pianist." Andrew leaned over to me and said quietly, "I have one!" I nearly died! Here I am, nervous as all get out that everyone in the room can see how unworthy I am, and Andrew's cracking jokes about man parts! Right in Sunday School! In front of God and everybody. I nearly choked! Also, I instantly fell in love with him! And believe me, it was definitely not the last time he had me fighting to keep from laughing during church! I'll have to tell you about the time with the Lamanites and the time with Charlton Heston some other time.

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