Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crazy Dream Chronicles

Since I KNOW that you wanna hear it.

First, in case you didn't know, I have some of the craziest, strangest dreams.
If I remember what I dream, you can guarantee that it's freaky-strange, strange-strange, or just scary or intense.

In fact, I can only remember a vague handful of dreams that are borderline-normal: being naked in front of a classroom (second grade), flying (fourth grade?) ... Yeah, those are the only ones that I really recall that are halfway normal.

Usually, my dreams are very vivid and .. well ... ODD. Like being a princess in a kingdom attacked by robots who've taken over all the guards and other people. And it's up to me to save the kingdom ... and I'm hiding inside the castle, running through the hall, trying not to be seen in the open, glassless windows, pausing and leaning against the smooth stone walls between each window, my heart in my throat.

Or being an assassin who's lost her memory. Working at an cookware outlet store in Florida. With a really adorable guy. Who kisses me. And it starts snowing. In FLORIDA. And then another assassin sent by the agency I've disbanded from (since, did I mention, I have amnesia? Not that it's any excuse to THEM.) to kill me. And she is calling the name that I've forgotten was mine ... and I recognize it ... and THEN I wake up to my mom calling me to wake up for church.

OR, like last night, I must have been really thinking about my friend who's expecting. In my dream, I was still ME ... but our house was part the house I grew up in ... and we had the kids. And I was hugely pregnant ... like the baby could pop out at any minute. And I'm freaking out because where is the baby going to sleep?? And then, amid Michael reassuring me that it's not a problem, we'll find a place, it's fine --- I realize that we have a third crib.
And that I can feel the top of the baby's head crowning between my legs ... AND I DON'T KNOW IT'S GENDER!!!
(However, since Bucket and Bruise were nice enough to be one of each gender, it's not like we wouldn't have clothes for either gender. But STILL.)

I could go into my most terrifying nightmares ... like the one where, in it, I slept wtih my first boyfriend. I wasn't there for the actually DEED ... like a good movie or novel, it was done off camera. But then I felt SO HORRIBLE. I had let myself down, I had let my mom down, I was going to have to talk to the bishop and go through the whole repentance process for something that was SO NOT WORTH IT.

Then, I woke up. And I felt HORRIBLE. I was about to start sobbing. I felt so ashamed and disappointed in myself.
And then I thought .... "Wait. I've never been in [name omitted]'s bedroom. And didn't he say that he had a waterbed? That wasn't a waterbed. ... Wait! I didn't have sex!!!! I'm still a virgin!!!! Thank goodness!!!!!!!!"

But, really, it felt so dang REAL that realizing that I hadn't done anything so stupid as to sleep with him (especially since we had broken up by that point) was a HUGE relief!
I'm STILL so thrilled that it never happened. SO THRILLED. I cannot even TELL you how GLAD I am and was a COMPLETE AND TOTAL RELIEF it was to come to that realization.

The OTHER really, really bad nightmare I had, which was reoccurring -- only made it worse -- was that I had been kidnapped by a sadist rapist. In the dream/nightmare, I'm bound and gagged, sitting in the front seat of his car as he drives away to his lair. The streets we pass through are empty, dark, and threatening. And I can feel the shining and absence of light as we pass streetlights. I realize more and more with every street lamp we pass that any chances I have for escape, for rescue, are passing by, if they haven't already passed. No one knows where I am, what's going to be happening to me ...
And then I would wake up in a cold sweat. And, being married, I'd latch onto Mr. Husband's warm body, waking him up ... And Michael would hold me and reassure me that it will never happen to me. And, by golly, he'd BETTER be right.

I also had a dream that Michael died in his sleep ... that I woke up and his body was cold. When I DID wake up, I touched his arm. And it WAS cold. (Darn winter weather!!) So I had to touch his back (warm) and feel his heart beating. And them demand that he get life insurance. And that he better NOT die before I do. 'Cause if he DOES, he's in BIG TROUBLE and I will be IRATELY P.O.'ed.
Of all the dreams I had when I was pregnant, this is the one that I remember. In my dream, we had the kids ... they were grown up and very capable. But I didn't know their genders. They were kinda shadow-y.

So, yeah. Those are some (read: a very, very small selection) or some of my crazy dreams.

At this point, if it's not crazy-weird and vivid, it freaks me out.

Oh, and QUESTION!!
In your dreams, do you ever have rooms/places present in familiar places that don't exist in real life?

Ohnoreason, forgetIasked. Nevermind.
(unless you WANT to answer, then I'm waiting with baited breath ... or, at least, morning breath. Ugh.)

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