Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A bit of ketchup ... CATCH UP, I mean.

SO ... where to start?

Thursday, the kidlets and I went down to my old stomping grounds. Visited Nana. Let the munchkin brigade with her so I could pick up Mom and go to Kevin's memorial service.
Never been to a Catholic memorial before. Their priest is great.
Got the kiddos. Drove to my mom's. Hung out with them, ate dinner, went with Rox over to Mer's, came back to the kids (who had bathtime with my mom), got settled down, slept (badly).
Friday: got up EARLY (for me), chatted with Mom, loaded up the van, fed the kids, finished loading up the van, drove home. Chatted with Bri, let everyone back home know I made it back safely, was TIRED.

Saturday, Michael and I watched our nieces. I got spotted by a friend from back home (she was driving by as we walked to a playground. I only learned about it this morning.) Watched videos with Michael.
Sunday, went to church, came home, made the kids take a nap through nefarious means
(Okay, okay: I told them that if they wanted Daddy to be home when they woke up that they'd have to go. to. sleep. ... AND THEY DID!)

Yesterday, the kids didn't take a nap until 6 P!M! ... Yes, there's a reason I'm TIRED still.

Today, the kids slept in a little. Nice for me. I got to read a little more in my book. Fed Ex came by with a package.

I won a pair of shoes!

Yes, that excites me. Since I wanted to buy some new athletic shoes. And now I have some! Yay!! (If you want to know which ones they are, they're the grey-silver Lotus ones. And there's accents of pink rubber on the soles. Heaven!)

I need to run downtown today to do some Cubmaster-ly duties. PLEASE let the kids nap so they'll be well-behaved. PLEASE!

I'll be blogging sometime this week with more stories of "Before Michael and I were Michael and I."

I'm really sorry for not blogging more. Blame Gaia. I'm on there WAY too dang much.
But I have a cute avi. Michael thinks it's really funny that of the people I know IRL on there, only I have an avatar that looks like myself.
I guess it goes to prove that I'm really getting more and more comfortable being myself.

Oh, and I was griping to Michael that I didn't have any really good friends at church (since the ward split, I don't know a lot of gals in this new ward ... and one that I do know has a calling where she's not in Relief Society) and I was feeling lonely.
Well, the newest gal who moved in is REALLY nice and fun. AND I got invited by one of the gals that I visit teach to a girls' night out this Friday. We'll be going out to dinner in a group to chat. I'm looking forward to it. ^_^

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