Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Son ...

SO, this morning, as I'm paying bills (an act which incurs nausea), I had to leave my desk and use the facilities, per se.

I've had to start making a habit of moving my computer chair away from my desk so that Bruise won't start typing on my keyboard, stealing my Post-It Notes, or (as has happened), shut down my computer.

As I return from the bathroom, I don't see Bruise at first. Bucket (who's presently singing along to the theme from Elmo's world. She's pretty much on-key. Nice.) was being good as gold, sitting in the living room and watching her shows.

I hear Michael's voice via cell phone. And I wonder why.

Bruise is sitting UNDER my desk, with my cell phone pressed up to his ear, chatting with Michael.

M: Hey Bruise
B: Daddy. Ba ya da da ba ... (continies to chatter while I talk to Michael. Since the phone has been set [by Bruise] to spakerphone, I don't even wrestle it away)
Me: Honey, this is what Bruise does while I go to the bathroom.
M: All by himself?
Me: Yeah. He's even got it on speakerphone.
M: Really??
Me: Yes, that's how you're hearing me. He's got it pressed up to his ear and everything. How does he know to do that [meaning turn on the speakerphone]?

I mean, really. He could have dialed any of nine numbers ... but he got the speed dial for Michael and turned the speakerphone on.

I'm impressed.

Now, if he starts texting, I'm going to worry.

Later, when my mom called, I was able to let each of the kidlets have a phone so they could "talk" (meaning Bruise chattered and Bucket solemnly regarded the phone and gave little smiles when Mutti directed her comments to Bucket). And, since the phones were also on speakerphone, I got to talk to my mom at the same time, which was very nice.

Well, as far as the rest of the day goes ... I need a shower, to fold four+ loads of laundry and put them away, finish the dishes, cook dinner (if not lunch), make one more appointment for visiting teaching, get the kiddos to brush their teeth (CONFESSION: I'm really, really bad at this. HINTS ARE WELCOME, nay, ENCOURAGED), finish some books, ... And Bruise says that it's time to "deet," so I'd better go.

And since they were up nearly an hour early, I'm hoping, hoping, HOPING for a nice long nap. (From them. Maybe for me, too.)

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The Strasser's said...

Alyssa got into Tetris on my cell phone. Cory figured out there is a setting on the computer that you can do so that kids can't turn the computer off while you are on it.

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