Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Something to infuriate me today


Oh, I'm glad that the so-bad-that-I-can't-even-come-with-a-name-terrible-enough-for-him is caught and will be prosecuted.

And that the girl is all right ...

But, oh, the mother never even knew that her daughter had been ...


If you read through the comments, you'll see that mothers are a vengeful sort.
Don't cross us or mess with our cubs I mean KIDS. Or we WILL go all mother bear on you. And we'll have no qualms about leaving your scattered remains covered with scatological matter and to be picked over by vultures and other scavengers.

But, ARRRGH!!!! WHY the FRINK do THINGS like THIS happen?????

(I know, I know, it's because people have agency and trials are for our own good and growth and all ... but STILL!!! The girl was way too little, practically still an infant!!!!)

The man's a sicko.
For something like this, I'd say that the electric chair is too kind.

I vote for the death of a thousand cuts.
Administered AFTER various forms of medieval torture.
By a sadist who loves puppies and babies. And has a vendetta against child molesters.

Don't worry.
I'll be immediately posting something to charm and soothe you from this travesty.

(Sometimes I just really hate people. Even "dumb, savage animals" don't pull this kind of crap. *grumbles about how like should be more like CuteOverload and less like Silence of the Lambs*

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