Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I've taken lots of pictures this month. But, when I tired to make a rather photo-heavy post yesterday, only four pictures would load.

So I threw a hissy fit and said, "FINE!! If you aren't going to load my friggin' pictures, I'm not posting today. FINE!!"

SO, if you want pictures, email me or message me. And let me know how large of a file you can receive. Since I'm kinda burnt out and if it's not going to fit, I probably won't send it again. Because I'm a punk.

BUT I did get my pack meeting done, a book read, and dinner in the crockpot yesterday.
I did NOT do the dishes or fold the laundry. Or put on make-up. (Like the Wolf and Bear Scouts of our ward give a lick.)

When I got back from the meeting, I was kinda bummed. Just a little funk. I don't know why.
When I get this way, I always ask Michael if he thinks I'm depressed or bi-polar (since it's not like there's not a bit of a history of mental issues in my family. Nooooooooooo. NOTHING like that!! *shifty eyes*). And he assures me that, no, I act the same as always. And that I'm just too hard on myself.

STILL, a couple weeks ago, we took the kiddos to a local farm to get pumpkins and to go on a hayride (Bruise got to "drive" the tractor -- sitting on Michael's lap-- for a little. He LOVED it.)(Also, a Painted Lady butterfly and a ladybug landed on him. Maybe because he was wearing a BRIGHT yellow jacket.)

Last weekend, Michael and I finally got to the temple. It's been such a long time. We're trying to get back into our pre-pregnancy habit of getting to the temple once a month. Especially since we've found a great sitter. She's so good that you have to ask for her in advance ... I was lucky that I asked about two weeks in advance.

We also went to my college roommate's wedding. (This is the roommate I had in the dorms at college. As opposed to the three roommates I had in the next town, since I like the University ward better. So I moved into the boundaries. Since I am a punk.)
During the last month, that makes it two Catholic ceremonies I've attended (Kevin's funeral being the other. Besides a Mass I attended when I was in the Ed Program in college, for an assignment in diversity). K was thrilled to see the kiddos. And it's been so long since I last saw her ... the kidlets were just born last time we were together.

Meeting K's husband (B), he shook ym hand and told me, "K's told me so much about you!"
Me: "Lies. All lies."
B: "No, everything was good."
Me: "Exaggeration. She's way too nice."

Yup, Allanna, THAT's how to take a compliment. Yup.

After making the stop at the reception, we also drove by the temple so that the kiddos could walk around. Bucket and Bruise loved picking up leaves that had fallen on the sidewalk. Bruise left the sidewalk and got all muddy. Bucket wanted Michael to carry her most of the time (not anything new, there).
I got some good pictures of the temple and some flowers and some not-too-blurry ones of the kids.

Again, if you want pictures, I can send you some. Just as long as I have your email address. Since, like I've said before, I'm feeling far too lazy to actually post them here.

BUT, maybe I'll post them in different blogs.
Even though I've used about half of my blogger storage. *sigh*

I've voted. I still need to mail off my ballot.

I yell at my kids too much.
I need a shower.
And to fold a metric crapload of laundry.

And, YES, that IS a scientific measurement.

Fully based on Llanna-ology.

I enjoyed last night's episodes of Bones and House. Michael and I cheered when the "token Black, Mormon Doctor" went off on House. (And I like how House's old crew are still around.
I was sad when "Bosley" was rejected, though. I really liked him. And I'm bummed that the plastic surgeon is still in there. He irks me.

You know what else irks me??
That the coupons in the Papmers diapers are not for other diapers, but for the PULL-UPS. Wither the Fries?!?

I want to, NEED to, buy DIAPERS for my kidlets. NOT FRIGGIN' PULL-UPS.

Anyone want some pull-ups coupons? Preferably in exchange for Pampers diapers coupons?
Anyone have Pampers diapers coupons that they want to pass on to me??

That's all I have to say right now.
Maybe I'll post pictures to Flickr ... I'll let you know what I do.

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