Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday ... Bloody Monday (Not really. More like "bloody" in the Brit-sense. But not. Since it hasn't been THAT bad or anything. I just don't want to be awake.)

Well, let's start with my To-Do list for today:

Set up VT appointments
Call W Family re: baby here? (For RS ... when will they need meals? Gotta set THAT up!)
[Bubbles]'s flu shot
Face mask
A million sit-ups (Or a hundred. Or ten ... Whichever comes first, right?)
Listen to conference
Read scripture
Buy milk
Target run (Q-Tips! Hairspray! Maybe pantyhose! Or at least, the Sally Hansen Air-Brushed Legs spray!!)
Scrub shower (since it's kinda gross. Not gonna lie.)
Organize makeup (Since it looks rather like that part of the counter got hit with a disaster-area WMD.)

Yeah ... good luck on this, right?
Especially since I didn't put "Feed Bubbles about a million times. Or, like, eight- really. But still" on there.
And I need a shower.

But, even though it's been a mostly-fun weekend ... I am EXHAUSTED.

Let's see, what all's happened?

  • Thursday, I was able to whip the house into SOME semblance of order ... at least I got the dishes ALL done. Phew!
    Mom came up.
    We talked about my stepdad's last doctor's visit. (He's been diagnosed with dementia. So has my Nana. Different types, though. Looks like I now will get to read up on that ... so I can be more-than-usually-informed about at least two types of dementia, along with Type 2 Ushers Syndrome. And y. Pestis. But that last one is just for fun. Not because it's in our family (At least, not that I know of ... New goal: Track family history through the plague! ... *sigh* I'll be done when I'm like, 80. And that's ONLY if I have good luck.)
Friday, we got the kids off to school on time ... even though my alarm on my phone didn't go off.
Mom and I went shopping and got presents for Bri's lingerie shower.
(FOOTIE JIM-JAMS FOR THE WIN! ... No, really. Bri LOVED them. ^_^)
I made a card to go with the pajamas.
I was able to catch a ride up to P-Town for Bri's Bachelorette party.
We went to Darcelle XV's ... which is ... well, it's a Drag Show Review.
It is NOT family-friendly. I mean ... okay, I thought that I'd heard a crapload of profanity before. I was, really, quite the potty-mouth my Sophomore year of High School (Yes. Between that and wearing belly-shirts and strappy tank tops ... and thongs [but people didn't get to see THAT], that was most of my rebellion. Yeah. I know what you're thinking ...
Yup. Totally ... Though I do use the term "bad-heinie."
  • While we were there, one of the girls had ordered a Strawberry Daquiri off the Non-Alcoholic menu. As she ordered it, the server (who, since we didn't know his name, we referred to as "Bedazzled" as we talked amongst ourselves), asked, "The regular kind?" "Um ... yeah."
    Well, turns out the regular kind is the one with alcohol.
    She took a sip. "I think this tastes weird." Bri took a sip and before she could warn me, I had a sip.
    OH MY WORD. My mouth was on fire and then went numb and I almost threw up.
    I know that some people love them their drinks ...
    I also know that I have relatives that are alcoholics ... I know now that that's NOT going to be an issue for me.
    "Do I need to talk to the Bishop?!?" was my question.
  • Michael, when I got home and told him, responded, "Did you do it on purpose?"
    "Are you going to do it again?"
    "I think you're alright."

    We escaped (well, most of our party) before the strippers came out. Because, let's face it. I have seen enough man-parts in my life. Especially since I had a toddler boy (who's grown into a sweet child who doesn't run about in his nudiepants. At least not nearly as much). Just sayin'.

    Bri, H, and I waited for the rest of our party outside, then texted that we'd meet them either at the car (while Bri and H changed out of their heels. I was wearing my Toms ... so, though I didn't have a cute, Girls-night-out outfit, I was totally able to walk for miles, if need be. But I'm glad it wasn't.) or at Voodoo Doughnuts.
    I got a Bacon Maple Bar there. SO. FLIPPING. GOOD.

    Then H and I drove back while the other girls took Bri out dancing.
    Oh, H and I did get a random high-five from a nice guy while we walked to Voodoo.
    Bri was bummed that he didn't give HER a high-five, so we shared our high-fives with her.
    Good times.

    I didn't get home until 2:30 in the morning. Michael waited up for me, bless him.
    Then Bubbles woke up at around 5 AM. *ugh*
  • Saturday (and Sunday, too) was General Conference.
    I did a CRAP job of listening. I didn't even take notes, like I usually do.
    Michael got a nap on the couch, then headed out with Bruise and bought a (push) lawnmower.
    I colored my hair (since I had this weird ombre thing going on. It wasn't a cool-ombre ... because it went dark roots--blonde(-ish) inch-or-so--brown(ish)-six-inch-remainder.
    If my roots had been the lightest part, I might have left it alone. However, since it was this weird Neopolitan  it had to be changed. So, now it's a mostly-uniform dark golden brown.
    Which will still look good with my dress on Thursday.
    I did get a nap in the afternoon, while Michael was at part of the Priesthood session of Conference (He came back half-way through, so I could make it to Bri's lingerie shower).
    It was fun to see so many friends at Bri's party. C (the maid of honor) has an amazing knack for decorating and planning parties. (Must be a nice talent to have. I mean, I can host Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners ... since I can cook, apparently. But cute decorations? ... That's not my forte at ALL.)
    There was a Pure Romance party, too. I got Pink Cupcake-scented Body Dew. I smell delicious when I wear it. I did also pick up some massage oil and a heated massage pad. (They were on SALE, y'all!! If you need one this month, while the sale's going ... let me know. I'll give you the consultant's contact info.)
In full disclosure, I know that I could never be a Pure Romance consultant. Mostly because I have the sense of humor and propriety of a twelve-year-old boy.
I mean ... Michael and I were going through the online catalog (see if there was anything that we couldn't live without) ... and, well ...
Me: "I obviously don't know or remember how to be sensual at all. Why are you even married to me?!?!??"
Him: "Don't worry about it. Let's go watch zombies."
(Since we had one last episode of The Walking Dead to watch).

We are so, so romantical.
I can't get through a catalog, due to punny names without snickering like a loon.
So we snuggle and watch a group of near-anarchists blast away rotting corpses.
(I don't blame them for being near-anarchists ... the whole infrastructure has fallen apart. They TRY to establish some rules. But it's HARD.
This is why Michael and I do plan on what to do if the Zombie Apocalypse ever occurred.
He knows how to make a flamethrower.
He will use a shotgun and a longbow.
I will man a crossbow, a machete, and ... well, I'm better with a rifle, since there's not as much kick-back.
(Seriously, as we watch this, I ask questions like, "Can you use the other end of the gun? Like for blunt-force-trauma? ... Without bending the barrell?" ... Yes. We are so, so special.)

The other bit of excitement yesterday was when I was wearing my new heels (for Bri's wedding) around the house.
Bucket tried to turn off a lamp and ended up unscrewing the switch. I strutted over there, screwed the dratted thing back in, and during my dismount from the arm of the couch, entangled my heel in the straps of Michael's drill's bag.

I glanced my cheekbone against Bruise's tough cranium and landed on my knee.
I rubbed Arnica cream into my cheek and knee and used an ice pack on my cheekbone ... I look fine. Phew.

I also had a burst of energy last night ... got rid of a TON of old magazines in the bathroom. It looks a lot more open/neat in there. Now to just get my make-up and stuff all organized. Then it might look like a bathroom and not like a make-up counter exploded. >.<

But, now, I REALLY need to get a shower. And Bubbles woke up from her (SHORT) nap.
So, I should feed the girl, get her settled safely, get a shower, and then get on completing the rest of my list.

Even though ... I really would like a quiet day. Reading and napping and watching shows/movies sounds lovely.
I'll get that someday ... like when Bubbles is in kindergarten, right?

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